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How to Thrive in Chaos

The Columbia River Gorge was formed by cataclysmic flooding and massive earth movements. The flower essences I co-created beginning in 2000 come from the wildflowers that live here and have learned how to thrive in extreme conditions. They are survivors! They know how to grow in ice, snow, rain, wind, sun, and all elemental conditions. These… Continue reading How to Thrive in Chaos

Unicorn Garden

Mama Dragon Attends Fairy Tea Party

The fire elementals asked me to host a tea party to activate the FIRE elemental horseshoe altar in the Unicorn Garden. This is one of the four horseshoes that represent a hoof of the spirit horse that left its shoe behind to ascend into unicorn status. The garden is horseshoe shaped and growing with calendula,… Continue reading Mama Dragon Attends Fairy Tea Party


Effervescent Medicine

Who said medicine had to be so serious? New kinds of medicine for healing are needed in this time of great change. Joyful, playful, effervescent experiences can fill and nurture our souls and bodies. I hear of more and more miracles. They seem to come when we are at ease and in a state of… Continue reading Effervescent Medicine

Flower Essences

“Pop Up” Manifestation with Unicorns and Rainbows

Three friends described a common and surprising experience of “popping up” into a space above veils of illusion. It was at this time that the spirit of the unicorn… and rainbows began coming into readings with clients I was seeing for intuitive or flower essence healing. What’s with the unicorns? I was seeing them too…… Continue reading “Pop Up” Manifestation with Unicorns and Rainbows

Ancestors, Water

Ghost Healing to Honor Land and Receive Lineage Gifts

As a child, I was afraid of ghosts yet checked out library books about them and awoke in the middle of the night frightened. I knew spirits of the dead were real even though my mother said otherwise. Now, I find It is an honor to connect with people’s ancestors—the ghosts of their family lineage.… Continue reading Ghost Healing to Honor Land and Receive Lineage Gifts

Mother Earth

How to Disperse Geopathic Stress From Nervous System

The Red Columbine flower plugged its stamens into the top of her head like it was an outlet. CONNECTION MADE! The energy pulsed through her nervous system and she felt as if her system was completely re-aligned. "Wow! A flower essence did that?!" Yes. And, the spirits of the plants give me funny visions at… Continue reading How to Disperse Geopathic Stress From Nervous System

Land, Water

How to: Bless Land and Water

Earthwalkers—that's us!—may need a little education on what we can do to connect and care for Mother Earth’s land, trees, plants, and water better.  I've created a Spirit of Land Kit to give you fun and simple ways to care for the earth and open to more beautiful and magical relationships with the spirit in… Continue reading How to: Bless Land and Water

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Soul of Plants Interview with Camilla

from Cate Stillman's website... If you’re lucky, every now and then you may come across a true medicine woman. I lucked out about 10 years ago, when Camilla and I cross paths at a Wellness Festival at an Idaho ski resort. She was the real deal…and I knew it from her plant medicines. We traded… Continue reading Soul of Plants Interview with Camilla

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Are You a Sensitive Plant-Human?

I love the way plants talk to me. Today, I thought I missed my turn but soon eyed a beautiful fully-blooming Sensitive Tree that I needed to see! Several of my clients are using its cousin flower essence—the Sensitive Plant—that I created in Hawaii. They love how it goes to the places in their body… Continue reading Are You a Sensitive Plant-Human?

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Earthwalker Essence from Sedona

I created this essence several years ago during a sacred vision quest journey of walking the land in Sedona, Arizona. A few key astrological lines of my Libran birth run through Sedona—Venus (the feminine in all expressions) and Pluto (master of transformation and the right use of power). My 'medicine' that I bring through my… Continue reading Earthwalker Essence from Sedona