Video: Fairy Congress Magic

Learn about the magical origins and new fairy alliances formed out of the Fairy Congress event. This is a recording of a special Earth School free community event where we hung out and connected with my magical Fairy & Human Relations Congress friends and event fairies. The Fairy Congress is an amazing event I’ve been… Continue reading Video: Fairy Congress Magic

Fairies, Flower Essences, Flowers

Slip On a Pair of Fairy Slippers

This magical wild orchid supports you when fear arises due to change. Are you moving? leaving a relationship? going on a new adventure? Just slip on a pair of Fairy Slippers and enter these new worlds with more ease! Here is an excerpt from my flower essence book: Sacred Spirit of The Gorge: Columbia River… Continue reading Slip On a Pair of Fairy Slippers

Altars, Gardens, Mother Earth

Fairy Inspired Magical Gardening

In short Youtube videos, I am sharing my intuitive process for co-creating magical gardens with fairies, devas, nature spirits, and elementals. I began designing and planting this vegetable garden in Ridgefield, WA (near Vancouver, WA) in April 2020. I asked the fairies to assist me and work side-by-side. They gave me a beautiful design for… Continue reading Fairy Inspired Magical Gardening


How to Offer a Fairy Gratitude Ritual with Video

To deepen your connection with the spirits of land, offer a simple ritual of gratitude. This practice reaches deep and wide on the landscape and into the hearts of the fairies, elementals, nature spirits, and ancestors. You can do this simple ritual for all the seen and unseen realms of land or focus on one… Continue reading How to Offer a Fairy Gratitude Ritual with Video