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How Elizabeth Manifested a Magical New Home

As Elizabeth and I connected with the Overlighting Deva of the Land, there was a huge influx of pure angelic light that overwhelmed us both. Wow! My heart opened wide and an incredibly beautiful angelic being came forward and greeted my client. The spirit conveyed to Elizabeth that she was going through a process of… Continue reading How Elizabeth Manifested a Magical New Home

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Holding Ceremony? Be Conscious of Land Spirits

There are many beautiful ceremonies that are offered to elevate and enlighten all beings. Mother Earth is asking us to be more conscious of how we honor the spirit of land before and after ceremony especially ceremony that comes from other lands. We want all the subtle energies, Ancestors, nature spirits, devas, and elementals of… Continue reading Holding Ceremony? Be Conscious of Land Spirits

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The Key to Fairyland The Fairy Sidhe spirit entered my body. Love poured into the back of my heart. I became a conduit for the etheric light being and felt her loving light flowing inside my body. It felt exquisite. My essence radiated brightly as I surrendered to Fay love.  And, I was given a key... a key that breaks… Continue reading The Key to Fairyland

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Honoring Native People

Several years ago, I was deeply touched to witness the mayor of Hood River, Oregon, Paul Blackburn, on his knees apologizing to the native people assembled on Indigenous Peoples Day. He stated his apology on behalf of his and our community’s ancestors. We all dropped to our knees with him. Tears poured out of the… Continue reading Honoring Native People

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Making Earth Amends with Rainbow Beads

  I buy a rainbow-lavender beaded bracelet from a Native American woman I meet at the Fairy Congress this year. We trade stories about fairies from our own traditions. I am honored to meet her and make amends between our cultures. Her nephew offers his drum songs to awaken the fairies of the land with… Continue reading Making Earth Amends with Rainbow Beads

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Honoring and Releasing Ghosts and Spirits

It’s ironic that my greatest childhood fear has become an important part of my work: releasing ghosts! Some may call what I do “ghostbusting” or psychopomp (in shamanic traditions). Whatever you choose to call it, I feel that I am a humble midwife in a very sacred process of helping a disincarnate spirit find its way home to… Continue reading Honoring and Releasing Ghosts and Spirits

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Listening to Spirit of Land

Land wants to serve its purpose in the same way humans want to serve theirs. All of Creation is striving towards self-expression. Places offer energy transmissions, teachings, love and wisdom. Land holds memories—energetic imprints of the ceremonies, offerings, community gatherings and elemental configurations. How do we listen to the spirit of land? First, we need… Continue reading Listening to Spirit of Land