Ancestors, Grandmothers

Healing Judgement & Witch Lineage with Grandmothers

Learning about the Grandmothers was a missing link for me. Grandmothers carry the sacred feminine force of creation in their wombs and in their bones. Grandmothers help me remember my origins, reclaim my inner-wisdom, and feel supported as I step into leadership. I am not alone.I know that I am here to reconnect, reclaim, express aspects… Continue reading Healing Judgement & Witch Lineage with Grandmothers

Ceremony, Crystals, Trees

Plant Crystalline Trees

photo: S. Hermann & F. Richter I wanted to share a simple practice to infuse more health and wellbeing into trees and new forests. When I first learned about this offering, I was so touched I teared up… and felt like I was a tree receiving this sweetness from humans. My tree-self was overcome by… Continue reading Plant Crystalline Trees

Grief Healing, Healing

Do Not Grieve Me; I Am Happy!

Another writing on my grief process, 2 months later. One of Paul's favorite things was making syrup from the Sugar Maple trees in Vermont.  I notice that Paul’s personality is very similar in ghost form as in life. We are very different in our approach to life. I am slower, trust intuitively in right timing and… Continue reading Do Not Grieve Me; I Am Happy!


Video: Age of Aquarius Essence 20 minutesThis essence was co-created with elemental nature spirits, spirit guides, crystals at the Columbia River exactly on the portal of Winter Solstice 2020. (See photo. The water elementals and devas showed their “fingers”.) And, it was placed under the conjunction of planets Saturn and Jupiter in the night sky so it carries the… Continue reading Video: Age of Aquarius Essence


Video: Fairy Congress Magic

Learn about the magical origins and new fairy alliances formed out of the Fairy Congress event.This is a recording of a special Earth School free community event where we hung out and connected with my magical Fairy & Human Relations Congress friends and event fairies.The Fairy Congress is an amazing event I've been part of… Continue reading Video: Fairy Congress Magic