Bees, Elementals, Fairies, Mother Earth, Spirits of Land

BEE-ing the New Earth

The Fairy Congress was epically magical and fun this year.The event starts with a chant:“FAY, WE LOVE YOU!”Immersed in new… Continue reading BEE-ing the New Earth

Mother Earth, Womb Healing

Womb Grounding into Gaia’s Womb

Our womb (or hara) wants to ground into Nature.                       … Continue reading Womb Grounding into Gaia’s Womb

Grandmothers, Healing, Women Empowerment

Women’s Shadows of Power

Are you willing to See in the Dark? The collective unconscious is a massive human-created field of energy that included… Continue reading Women’s Shadows of Power

Ancestors, Ceremony, Mother Earth

VIDEO: New Earth Visioning Earth Visioning Video LINKI am asking for your support and participation in co-creating a New Earth.  Welcome to my… Continue reading VIDEO: New Earth Visioning