Elemental Chant

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Womb Grandmother Healing Lodge – Video

Receive wisdom teachings and spiritual/energetic body and soul healing, cleansing, and 2nd chakra Womb Creation Center nurturing from the ancient Grandmothers of Creation in a journey to Grandmother Lodge with Eniska, Womb Grandmother. Video 44 minutes.

Ancient Stone Grandmother Essence

1st Ancient Stone Grandmother transforms and initiates you as you learn patience and divine timing and alignment with the Oneness of Creation.  Free shipping in US.

Peace Grandmother Essence

Feel a sense of lightness, innocence, and freedom in your soul and body as you work with Peace Grandmother Wawa Shawey. Fill yourself with peaceful, pure, high vibrational energy. Free shipping in US.

Clan Grandmother Essence

Anchor a stronger sense of belonging as you resonate and attract your soul kin/family. By reclaiming and owning your true self, you will draw in others like you including communication and connection with animal spirits. Free shipping in US.