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Who is Your Nature Spirit Guide for WATER? a Mermaid? Dolphin? Goddess?

I met a Mermaid, Brita, who opened my eyes and heart to a new way of perceiving the world… and myself. Brita’s watery nature infused me with magic, flow, and healing. She taught me the importance of being in relationship with water… and my own watery emotions. Forming a relationship with your own Nature Spirit… Continue reading Who is Your Nature Spirit Guide for WATER? a Mermaid? Dolphin? Goddess?

Catalyzing Your Mystical, Intuitive Nature Latest Blog Posts: I invite you to open the door to a magical world of sacred connection. Awaken more delightful, harmonizing encounters with the spirits of land, and explore the subtle and spiritual realms of Nature! Engage with plant and land spirits, fairies, devas, gnomes, mermaids, dragons, elementals, Ancestors, unicorns, and… Continue reading

Grandmother Lodge

Grandmother Lodge Anchoring Your Place of Wisdom in Sacred Community Fall Grandmother Lodges (via Zoom) Sept 26th:  Stone Grandmother Lodge  Oct 24th: Womb Grandmother Lodge Nov 14th: Clan Grandmother Lodge  Dec 21st:  Solstice Meditation (live/recorded on Zoom) •••• Guided by Camilla Blossom & Nancy Nicholas •••• Join us on an Ascension Journey to Grandmother’s Etheric… Continue reading Grandmother Lodge

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Create Your Own Water Blessing

I love to offer simple joyful community circles that not only feed and energize the water elementals and thus the water itself, it is also a way for us to receive healing and emotional heart connection with our divine feminine feeling nature and deeper mysteries within our body and womb (or hara for men). Also,… Continue reading Create Your Own Water Blessing