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How to Thrive in Chaos

The Columbia River Gorge was formed by cataclysmic flooding and massive earth movements. The flower essences I co-created beginning in 2000 come from the wildflowers that live here and have learned how to thrive in extreme conditions. They are survivors! They know how to grow in ice, snow, rain, wind, sun, and all elemental conditions. These… Continue reading How to Thrive in Chaos

Flower Essences

Celebrating the Spirit of Lily Devas

  Happy Winter Solstice! I am snuggling by the fire at my Bear Lodge preparing for a winter solstice ceremony and reflecting on a path that is leading me further into the mysteries of water, plants, and our beautiful Mother. I feel so grateful. So blessed. I am reflecting on my life at this most… Continue reading Celebrating the Spirit of Lily Devas