Tiger Lily – Flower Essence

This flower essence gives you permission to tap into your untamed wild feminine creative-sexual power. Free shipping in US.

Trillium Lily – Flower Essence

Trillium is a wild white lily that helps us honor and express our feminine, feminine-identified, and intuitive nature. Free shipping in US.

Mt Hood Lily – Flower Essence

Make room for your creative self-expression by reclaiming expansive personal space that honors your true beauty and value. Free shipping in US.

Chalice Womb Essence – Formula

Enlighten the womb space. Green-banded Mariposa Lily is a vivid pinkish-purple hue, her cup-shaped body is a sacred chalice flower of our womb. Free shipping in US.

Womb Grandmother Essence

Nurture your sacred womb/creation center (2nd chakra) and release wounds and experiences held in that area of the body. Womb Grandmother (Eniska) is midwife to your releasing (giving death to) the past and rebirthing into life celebration of pleasure, relationship, sexuality, emotional freedom, and golden light. Free shipping in US.

Be a Healthy Receiver

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