Awaken your intuitive nature and co-create with land, Plants, & nature spirits.

Mentorship is an opportunity to create deeper, more fulfilling relationship with land, waters, flowers, Gaia and her sacred spirits.

I want you to enjoy the rich experience and have fun, too! 

As mentor, I catalyze direct experiences, offer inspiration, and share access to the wisdom, energy teachings, and practices that awaken you to a more co-creative relationship with nature.

You will expand your skills, practice deeper attunement to nature, open to intuitive techniques, explore new vibrational energies, connect more deeply with the spirits of land and plants. 

You get to guide the program into areas of interest.

I hope to draw out your self-expression and empower your walk on Mother Earth. 

I want you to feel confident in creating your dreams and sharing your gifts in the world. 

And, there is potential for very expansive spiritual and multidimensional experiences in this setting. 

Mentorship with Camilla Blossom 

Focus Your Mentorship Program on…

  • Land Alchemy
  • Energy Healing
  • Nature Spirit Relations
  • Flower Essence Alchemy 
  • Grounded Ascension Support
  • Fairy/Ancestral Lineage Shamanism 
  • Earthkeeper Teachings/Journeys
  • Grandmother Wisdomkeepers
  • Custom


1:1 Mentorship with Camilla Blossom

online (Zoom), phone, or onsite

  • 1-hour Session: $225
  • 3-hour Session: $333
  • Five 1-hour Session Package: $800 prepaid (payment plans available)
  • Ten 1-hour Session Package: $1440 prepaid (payment plans available)
  • Day, Weekend Retreats contact Camilla

You can book a session without paying on my Acuity site.

Thank you for your payment! I look forward to working with you and the magical spirits of Mother Earth. 

Contact Camilla

Tell me what focus, term, rhythm, dates, day/times are best for you. Feel free to ask anything, too. Thank you!