Elyssa making flower essences and co-creating with the spirits of land.


Mentorship Tracks with Camilla

• Flower Essence Healer & Alchemist – weave magic with flower fairies, devas, elementals of plants, trees, nature supplies: Sacred Spirit Kit (flower essences, book, cards)

Sacred Earth Connection – spirit of land honoring & elemental communication support for Sacred Earth Connection online course; supplies: Land Honoring Kit

• Wisdom of Grandmothers – empowering your voice & wise leadership support for Grandmother Lodge; supplies: Grandmother Essences

•  Customized Program

I’d love to work in co-creative partnership with you and the spirits of nature. Mentorship is an opportunity to be empowered with your own soul gifts and to blossom into your fullest potential and self-expression with the tools, information, and intuitive practices especially tailored for your needs.

I offer one-on-one personal mentorship and support—wisdom teachings, energetic support, guidance, healing alignment, energy transmissions by phone, zoom, (or in nature, at your home, land, or healing center or business when COVID passes).

Over the years, I’ve inspired many healers, light-workers, teachers, intuitives, empaths, land stewards, flower alchemists, and others. Many have, or are now being called, to step into expression of their soul gifts as a blessing for the world.

If you are seeking a teacher or supportive, nurturing elder to learn earth-based intuitive teachings, let’s connect. All mentorship includes subtle energy balancing, clearing practices, and intuitive development. We can tailor a full program or work in the moment and follow your flow and schedule.

Are we a good match? Please call or email me at 775-721-0358 or email: camillablossom1111 @ I offer group mentoring options as well.


1 hour 15 minutes Mentorship $150

Book Session

Mentorship Package 8 hour $760 (payment plans available)

Mentorship Package 8

Mentorship Package 16 hour $1399 (payment plans available)

Mentorship Package 16

For more information, please contact me at 775-721-0358 or Price increase will go into affect in 2021.