Mama Dragon Attends Fairy Tea Party

The fire elementals asked me to host a tea party to activate the FIRE elemental horseshoe altar in the Unicorn Garden. This is one of the four horseshoes that represent a hoof of the spirit horse that left its shoe behind to ascend into unicorn status. The garden is horseshoe shaped and growing with calendula, snapdragons, basil, nasturtiums, marigolds, and other plants.

I planted The Unicorn Garden for the stars. It is activating and transforming all the time into a place for healing and alignment and offering especially potent plant spirit medicine or vibrational essences. I now offer shamanic healing sessions in the garden. This medicine garden has opened me to a beautiful self-healing process that merges all councils of creation—humans, nature spirits, star nations, divine energies, and mystical unicorns, dragons, butterflies and fairies. Future tea parties will honor gnomes and mermaids and water elementals and activate those portals of energy.

For a few days before the Fire Elemental Tea Party I could see dragons flying towards us from near and far. They were gathering to take part. I realized that this sweet little tea party was going to be a powerful event because fire is an elemental that can cause great change, transformation, and even explosive energy!

Preparing for the event, I felt like there was so much energy flowing in to my body that I experienced feelings of nausea and fatigue. I had to lay down a few times and rest. My energy system felt as if it was shifting and re-aligning and preparing for the party. My heart would be receiving lots of healing energy too. This is a common occurrence in preparing for ceremony so it wasn’t surprising.

I prepared food (offerings) for the fire elementals—salamanders, dragons, fire fairies, fireflies, dragon flies—as well as for the humans. I also got the message to offer watermelon for the unicorns. I read in a book by Almine that dragons love pink tulips. I couldn’t find them at Fred Meyer in The Dalles, Oregon. I asked the dragons if they wanted anything else. They told me beer.  I looked at the beer aisle but wasn’t inspired by anything. When I looked at the Budweiser, the dragons told me the beer they wanted wasn’t here. Get it in Hood River.

At Rosauers in Hood River I walked down the aisle towards the flower section and wondered if they had pink tulips. If not, was there another flower? I heard a voice say: they preferred pink tulips. Pink tulips were the tastiest, but they would be fine with another type of pink flower.

I found pink tulips and headed for the beer aisle. Numerous microbrews lined the shelves and I wasn’t sure what they wanted. None of the bottles had dragons or fire in their label artwork. I muscle-tested and chose a McTarnihans beer. That’s the one! All was coming together for the feast of offerings. Big black turkey vultures were showing up on the land, too.

The kids and adults starting gathering, and we headed up to the Unicorn Garden and gave the unicorns a huge slice of watermelon decorated with flowers. We introduced ourselves and sang a welcome  song and Puff the Magic Dragon to invite in the beautiful dragons and fire elementals and all the other fairies that wanted to come and join the party.

We sat quietly for a moment and tuned into out own personal dragon to connect our heart with it and learn more about it. Some received the name of their dragon and what colors it was. It opened the door for a new co-creative relationship with our inner-dragon.

Then, we gave gifts to the Fire Horseshoe Altar Garden. A buzz of activity ensued. We sprinkled red rose petals, bits of string, dragon-shaped sticks, a little dragonfly bench and small fire, volcanic ash, flowers, mica, smoke tree branches. Others brought fiery branches, sunstone, and beautiful ceramic art stone with a picture of a dragon. We lit sage and palo santo and smoked the garden. I poured beer into a glass mug in the center and foam flowed out. Someone dipping flowers in to the foam and flicking it around. The kids were placing mica and rose petals inside the calendula flowers. We made the red velvety snapdragons talk and placed bark filled with spider eggs near the basil and zucinni. A driftwood dragonhead lay at the top of the garden near the nasturtiums and marigolds. The buzz of activity continued as we spread our gifts all around the garden.

I opened my perception to the dragon and fire elemental realms and saw a feeding frenzy. It appeared as if the dragons were desperately hungry as I sensed them hungrily gobbling up all the food. It was all so yummy, delicious, tasty and nurturing. It was a feast of delight for the dragons. It made me so happy to see this and share my delight with everyone. It felt very touching to honor the fire elementals for all they gave us.

We drank deep red sun tea that sat in the garden overnight made from hibiscus flowers and calendula, St. John’s Wort, mint, and lemon balm from the garden. The tea looked like dragon blood. It was tart and captured the energy of the sun and flowers in a delicious way. I knew that the dragons had blessed it for us especially the rainbow-hued solar dragons. I added honey to some of the tea. We sipped magic tea out of small red cups and gave some to the dragon altar.

We stood inside the horseshoe and became dragons! We made sounds and songs and movements and pretending we were dragons. The spirit of fire activated fun playfulness and strength. The dragon spirit filled our hearts with joy and healing. The dragons reminded us of the way they are very powerful, big, and expansive at the same time loving, joyful, and playful.

I felt called to offer a way for people to make something during our tea party to see with the eyes of a dragon. We drew pictures and colors on strips of clothe and glued flowers, beads, baubles, and bells to tie as a headband or belt on our bodies. It was a way of becoming the dragon or fire fairy. To see like a dragon.

The dragons were fed, we were opening to dragon-sight and dragon-play, and now it was time to feast and celebrate with food. We loads our plates with treats. Each plate was a feast for the eyes with beautiful shades of reds and oranges and other fiery hues. Chili chocolates, mangoes with chilies, red peppers, purple beet humus, red watermelon with orange and yellow calendula flowers, ginger men cookies, red velvet volcanic cupcakes, and orange jello treats. We placed a plate of our human food out for all the fairies.

The dragons told me I would be making a FIRE essence from the activation of this altar the day after our tea party. I was called to use the deep red sun tea and mix in more honey—a solar delight—and place six bottles with a candle in the center of the horseshoe. I left them there for a day and night. I checked into my intuitive impressions from time to time and the image I received was of a huge mama dragon licking the bottles. Carefully, lovingly, sweetly she licked each bottle as if it were her baby and she was cleaning it, caring for it, loving it like a dragon egg or new hackling.

I was talking to my friend Amanda a few days later and she told me she took a nap on the same day I was making the Mama Dragon Essence and she had a dream about a huge white mother dragon licking everything! The essence is delicious and reminds me that the mama dragons power comes from loving, caring, and touching her young. We can be her dragon babies and receive her mothering and strength.

Mama Dragon Essence is helping us heal from the origins of our fiery passionate creative energy so we can express as Spirit.

The FIRE elemental horseshoe is now activated. Thanks to our lovely group. Now, the dragons have asked me to place a bowl with small citrine stones they they will activate like dragon eyes for people to work with. And the plants are asking to make a solar essence at the approaching summer solstice to be used for healing water by infusing it with transforming FIRE elementals and dragons. Bringing the spirit of fire and solar light into the waters of Mother Earth is healing and also brings transformation to human’s emotional waters.


Camilla Blossom Bishop

Camilla Blossom Bishop

Hi, I am Camilla. I am a medicine woman, land alchemist, flower essence alchemist, spiritual way shower, mentor, and messenger for the wisdom of the Grandmothers, Divine Mother, and sacred feminine creative source energy of Mother Earth. I open and catalyze relationships with sacred spirits of Gaia including nature's Elementals, Fairy, Sidhe, Dragons, Mermaids, Gnomes, Ancestors, lands and waters. I offer online Land Alchemy course, Flower Essence Magic course, mentorship, and a Patreon Portal to empower your energetic and spiritual connection, care, and honoring of Mother Earth.

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