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Lilies: Create Sacred Womb Space for Rebirth

Tiger Lily balances your creative power center (2nd chakra). Lilies make me happy. They are so deeply and unapologetically feminine in their essence. They remind me of my true nature, too. As a woman, a sensitive, an empath, and as someone who needs to remember to set my intention daily to create a strong energy… Continue reading Lilies: Create Sacred Womb Space for Rebirth

Flower Essences, Womb Healing

Eruptional? Here’s Your Remedy

What would be the best flower essence to offer at a Volcano Goddess Pele and Fire Dragons event? Mock Orange came forward as a calmer of volcanic inner emotions. Learn more in this excerpt from my book, Sacred Spirit of the Gorge: Columbia River Gorge Flower Essences & Essences of Place. Mock Orange Philadelphus lewisii Affirmation of the Wildflower:… Continue reading Eruptional? Here’s Your Remedy

Flower Essences, Plants, Womb Healing

Embodiment of Women’s Pleasure with Queen of Hibiscus

  At the urging of Pele, I made a flower essence from different colored blossoms of the beautifully expressive hibiscus flower. I journeyed down to the ocean to infuse the volcanoes and ocean energies into this essence. Last night, I dreamt that the yellow flowers danced in my pelvis. I first made hibiscus essence in… Continue reading Embodiment of Women’s Pleasure with Queen of Hibiscus

Flower Essences, Womb Healing

Advice from a Hibiscus Flower

    Dance into your life. Reclaim your full energy and delight. Don’t hold back your abilities to feel and experience pleasure, beauty, and joy. “I like to see pleasure sparkle in the eyes of the be-holder mesmerizing, seductive pulling in, sucking in full breathes of color, patience and longing for a fuller life lived… I engage.” —Hibiscus Deva… Continue reading Advice from a Hibiscus Flower

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Womb Magnetism

The Beginning Source of all of Creation centers in the cosmic womb and in the wombs of women. This is the source place of the body where Creation arises. This creation energy feeds and envisions a new earth, an earth that is steeped in creative flow. Creation energy is the most powerful energy there is.… Continue reading Womb Magnetism

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Womb Healing: The Giving Nature of Plants

Today, I went out to the beautiful backyard where I am staying in Portland to see what I could offer the land and nature spirits. I brought my Earthwalker Spirit of Land Kit with me. Instead, I was drawn to a most exquisite Raspberry bush along the edge of the property. I realized that the… Continue reading Womb Healing: The Giving Nature of Plants

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Grounding in the Moment

Grounding is a way of being fully embodied, now. All my energy is present for life and a beautiful energetic relationship with Mother Earth. To practice grounding, imagine you have roots in your feet like a huge tree. See your roots growing down from each of your feet reaching and connecting with the very heart… Continue reading Grounding in the Moment

Ancestors, Grandmothers, Land, Womb Healing

Drumming Strengthens the Heartbeat

  The Drum Synchronize your heartbeat to the heartbeat of Mother Earth. Boom. Boom. Boom. Boom. The drumbeat connects us with our heartbeat and the heartbeat of Mother Earth. Use a drum or sticks on the earth or trees to drum. Drumming strengthens our hearts, the rhythm of our heartbeat, and our ability to heal… Continue reading Drumming Strengthens the Heartbeat

Flower Essences, Lilies, Womb Healing

The Meaning of Lily Flowers

Rebirthing & Reclaiming the Divine Feminine As soul medicine for our Spirit, gentle lilies address issues of the feminine and women’s worth: creativity, purity, beauty, spiritual sensitivity, sexuality, motherhood, birth, rebirth, grounding, embodiment, receptivity, compassion, and love. Lily flower essences can also transform the emotions or traumas that are held in women’s bodies that effect… Continue reading The Meaning of Lily Flowers

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Frankincense for the Wound of the World

John Steele, one of my aromatherapy teachers and sources for oils is a Frankincense man. He calls the oil a windshield wiper for the soul – a cleanser and purifier. I’ve always been draw to the resins. Frankincense resin, or gum, looks like honey from a tree. Resins is the blood of a plant, and… Continue reading Frankincense for the Wound of the World