Motherwort – Flower Essence

Motherwort flower essence helps you build more courage and heart. Also called lion’s tale, this plant connects you with your inner leadership potential, inner-power, and Lioness or Leo fire energy so you can feel stronger, and more assertive, on your path. Free shipping in US.

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Flower Essence for Support & Calming

Be calm, relaxed, and rooted in your foundation. Know that you are fully supported. You don’t have to try so hard. From this knowing springs forth a sense of inner courage. This plant gave me a vision of a Native American woman with Red-flowering Currant in her hand. She held the red blossoms over a… Continue reading Flower Essence for Support & Calming

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This Emotional Empath Needs Flowers & Waters

As an emotional empath, I feel the earth’s evolutionary shifts expanding my sensitivity in ways that challenge my being. I feel people’s emotional energy, fear, chaos, and I sense emotional congestion held in landscapes. Often, I find it necessary to seek out water and flowers to balance my body, my emotions, and my sense of… Continue reading This Emotional Empath Needs Flowers & Waters