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Tend the Land, Tend Your Inner-Landscape: EARTH SCHOOL

How can we awaken sacred relationship with land, our bodies, and elementals of nature? We are not here to heal Mother Earth, we are here to heal our relationship with Mother Earth. And, our bodies are a reflection of the earth. Can we become nurturers of our sweet earth? Let's take loving care of our… Continue reading Tend the Land, Tend Your Inner-Landscape: EARTH SCHOOL

Fairies, Flower Essences, Lilies, Plants

How to Thrive in Chaos

The Columbia River Gorge was formed by cataclysmic flooding and massive earth movements. The flower essences I co-created beginning in 2000 come from the wildflowers that live here and have learned how to thrive in extreme conditions. They are survivors! They know how to grow in ice, snow, rain, wind, sun, and all elemental conditions. These… Continue reading How to Thrive in Chaos

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Where Do the Fairies Go?

 “Pave paradise and put up a parking lot.”    —Joni Mitchell What happens to the nature spirits when land is cleared or developed? Where do devas, fairies, nature spirits, nature elementals go? Can we make this process easier for them? How can we build our homes and develop properties with greater reverence and harmony towards Nature… Continue reading Where Do the Fairies Go?

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Embodiment of Women’s Pleasure with Queen of Hibiscus

  At the urging of Pele, I made a flower essence from different colored blossoms of the beautifully expressive hibiscus flower. I journeyed down to the ocean to infuse the volcanoes and ocean energies into this essence. Last night, I dreamt that the yellow flowers danced in my pelvis. I first made hibiscus essence in… Continue reading Embodiment of Women’s Pleasure with Queen of Hibiscus

Altars, Ancestors, Elementals, Fairies, Flower Essences, Land, Plants, Trees, Water

Empowering a Magical Life Through Relationship with Land

I am now embarking on the work I was born to do! I wonder at times why it took so long to be ready. Maybe the world wasn’t ready for this land work either. Maybe I needed to gather all the sacred medicine teachings within my being, open to my ancestor lineage gifts, release interfering… Continue reading Empowering a Magical Life Through Relationship with Land

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Flowers Are Bodhisattvas

During a 5 Rhythms dance, an orchid gave me a message… Flowers are bodhisattvas. They bloom until there is no more suffering on earth. Plants are “givers.” They give, give, give to humanity in every way imaginable—food, medicine, shelter, healing, celebration, spiritual evolution, and more. Like Quan Yin, flowers have endless compassion for our human… Continue reading Flowers Are Bodhisattvas

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What Do Women Really Want?

My friend John asked all the women he knew the same question: What do women really want? The answer he got was self-sovereignty. Women want self sovereignty. Self-sovereignty is the same as self-ownership and individual autonomy. For eons of time, women were the property of men through marriage. Now, there is a great liberation of… Continue reading What Do Women Really Want?

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Womb Healing: The Giving Nature of Plants

Today, I went out to the beautiful backyard where I am staying in Portland to see what I could offer the land and nature spirits. I brought my Earthwalker Spirit of Land Kit with me. Instead, I was drawn to a most exquisite Raspberry bush along the edge of the property. I realized that the… Continue reading Womb Healing: The Giving Nature of Plants

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Soul of Plants Interview with Camilla

from Cate Stillman's website... If you’re lucky, every now and then you may come across a true medicine woman. I lucked out about 10 years ago, when Camilla and I cross paths at a Wellness Festival at an Idaho ski resort. She was the real deal…and I knew it from her plant medicines. We traded… Continue reading Soul of Plants Interview with Camilla

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Chaos and Fern Sovereignty

Shari loves to dance chaos. She told me that she learned to be with chaos, to honor unpredictability and flow from dancing with chaos during ecstatic dancing—5 rhythms dances of Gabrelle Roth. I danced chaos with Shari and I remembered her words. I began to see how chaos and unpredictability were my allies and how… Continue reading Chaos and Fern Sovereignty