About Camilla

Camilla Blossom Bishop is well-recognized and acclaimed as a pioneering flower essence alchemist in the Pacific Northwest. In 2000 she began co-creating the Columbia River Gorge Flower Essences and has been instrumental in expanding the use of the region’s flower essences, trained numerous healthcare professionals, offered extensive flower essence education, and catalyzed the rapid expansion of the sacred and subtle energy medicine offered by plants and places in Oregon and Washington.

From 2011-2013, Camilla journeyed to sacred lands in the southwest and western USA offering ceremony and teachings for water and land as well as ancestor lineage healing ceremony with a Native American medicine man and ceremonial leader.

Currently, Camilla is a landkeeper at Prairie Star Meadows in Oregon where she and the landowner are creating a nature sanctuary with the fairies, nature spirits and elementals, and ancestors of the land.

Camilla is a nature spirit and flower essence alchemist, a teacher, a landkeeper, a water ceremonialist, a nature mentor, and a writer. She empowers others to embrace their inner shaman and relationship with nature to foster a sense of home and lineage. Her new edition of Sacred Spirit of the Gorge is out now.


Mission Statement

I support those who struggle with dis-connection from earth, home, self, or their healing power so they can experience their true essence, value, and sacred spirit in relationship with nature. I empower souls to embrace their inner shaman and remember sacred spiritual relationship with plants, places, land, water, nature spirits, elementals, and magical and celestial realms to foster a sense of home, belonging, and connection to lineage gifts. Through joyful and light-filled mentorship, events, teaching, healing transmissions, nature spirit alchemy sessions, ancestral healing, flower essences and books, I cultivate direct energetic experiences and model the phrase: we are not here to heal Mother Earth, we are here to heal our relationship with her.


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