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In 2000, Camilla co-founded Columbia River Gorge Flower Essences, and catalyzed the rapid expansion of the sacred and subtle energy medicine offered by plants and places in Oregon and Washington. Since then, she has trained numerous healthcare professionals, offered extensive flower essence education sessions, and been instrumental in expanding the use of regional flower essences in local practices. Her book Sacred Spirit of The Gorge: Columbia River Gorge Flower Essences, Sacred Spirit Deck, and flower essence kit are used worldwide.

Camilla has also journeyed to many sacred lands across the southwest and western USA, sharing her methods and leading water and land clearing ceremonies. She has also co-led ancestor lineage healing ceremonies with Native American ceremonial leaders.

For several years, she co-created a nature sanctuary as landkeeper at Prairie Star Meadows in Mosier, Oregon . The sanctuary was a harmonious and serene environment which fostered connection between humans and the nature spirits and elementals, ancestors of the land, and fairies – the peacemakers of the spiritual realm.

She was called to the Big Island of Hawaii for six months in December 2017 during the volcanic eruptions to assist the birthing of the new earth and become initiated in the inner-realms as a Fire Priestess of Pele. Camilla is in traveling in the Pacific Northwest currently.

Her lineage is Celtic (English, Irish, German), Ashkenazi Jew, and Lemurian. She deeply honors and thanks her ancestors for all of the sacred gifts which flow from them. Camilla also honors her teachers and their lineages with deep gratitude.

On 11/11/2018, Earth School was created to teach and carry forward old sacred practices and new earth ways of honoring, clearing, and giving back to Mother Earth in her time of transition. We teach empowering intuitive techniques, tools, land rituals, and use of flower essences to help awaken the spirit of land and connect more deeply with our mastery. We are not here to heal Mother Earth, we are here to heal our relationship with Mother Earth and take loving care of land, water, plants, animals, elementals, nature spirits, ourselves, and each other. Earth School offers Intro Workshops, Earth Camps, Earth Mystery School, and other workshops. LINK



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