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Believe in Mermaids… “We are Real.”

I met a mermaid. Her name is Silla. Her tail is reddish, greenish, with golden scales and her hair is golden. Through merging with her in the etheric realms, I got to know extreme pleasure and joy! I swam through the waterfall and waters with her at blinding speed, feeling effervescent bubbles and energies of… Continue reading Believe in Mermaids… “We are Real.”

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Mermaid Suggestion: Use Vibrational Essences to Care for Water

A mermaid taught me how to care for the waters. She is bluish in hue and calls herself Brita. She told me to wear the color turquoise to attune to water energy. She wanted me to tell you about her so you know she is real. Then, you will care for the waters, too. I… Continue reading Mermaid Suggestion: Use Vibrational Essences to Care for Water

Awakening Relationship w/ Fire Dragons, Earth Gnomes, Air Fairies, Water Mermaids – Audio

Create and engage in elemental relationship to manifest a more abundant life. Explore the elementals of Fire, Earth, Air, Water and how to balance them in your body. Meet and connect with elemental beings—dragons, gnomes, fairies, mermaids—that flow with the creation forces of nature. Learn how to be in conscious co-creative relationship with them.

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Advice from Local Mermaids

The mermaids would not leave me alone. They followed me home after a luscious dip in the local waterfall and swimming hole down the road. They kept me up at night until I listened to their advice:“We want you to do something fun and pleasurable every day. We want you to call it The Pleasure… Continue reading Advice from Local Mermaids

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Who is Your Nature Spirit Guide for WATER? a Mermaid? Dolphin? Goddess?

I met a Mermaid, Brita, who opened my eyes and heart to a new way of perceiving the world… and myself. Brita’s watery nature infused me with magic, flow, and healing. She taught me the importance of being in relationship with water… and my own watery emotions. Forming a relationship with your own Nature Spirit… Continue reading Who is Your Nature Spirit Guide for WATER? a Mermaid? Dolphin? Goddess?

Earth School

Awaken to the Wisdom of the Grandmothers. Empower yourself by cultivating magical co-creative relationship with land and spirit. • ONLINE CLASSES• SACRED EARTH CONNECTION (self-study online & optional support zoom calls w/ Camilla)• GRANDMOTHER LODGE (community zoom) • MENTORSHIP • EVENTS Ground into the spirit of home and your body, here on earth. Cultivate relationship with… Continue reading Earth School