June 27 – 30   Presenter at Fairy & Human Relations Congress


July 11    Workshop at New Renaissance Bookstore, Portland, Oregon 6:30-8:30 pm

Connecting with the Spirit of Land Humans have an important role in the awakening of a New Earth. Spirits of land want to engage in respectful relationship with us and practice reciprocity, land honoring, and energy clearing. We will hear Mother Earth’s voice when we open our awareness and listen to nature elementals, fairies, plant spirits, devas, and ancestors of land. In this workshop, you will learn key foundational protocols in working with land and how to make amends to native ancestors. Connect with the spirit of land where you live in a guided meditative journey.


July 16      Vancouver Lake Blessing – 9:00 – 10:00 AM. Meet in parking lot across from the street from The Isthmus of Vancouver (GPS) in Vancouver, Washington. Approx 1/2 mile before Vancouver Lake Regional Park. Join me to sing, bless, and give offerings to the precious water and Mother Earth at the New Moon. We will connect with mermaids/mermen, source water devas, faeries, and undines to align our emotional feeling nature and learn how to work with water elementals.