Magical Meetings with Elemental Spirits

with Camilla Blossom Bishop, Earth School

H.O.M.E. Center Living New Thought Church and Wellness Center 3892 Lancaster Dr. NE, Salem, Oregon

Friday, November 1st 7 – 8:30 pm

by Donation

Camilla will share her magical life altering experiences with the nature elemental kingdom and spirits of Air, Water, Earth, and Fire. Through opening to co-creative relationship with the flower fairies and devas, water dragons, mermaids, waterfall and source water devas, a blue elf, gnomes, and Pele and fire dragons, she forged an inspiring path as a voice for Mother Earth.

Learn how her ability to communicate with the subtle energy and spirit of flowers, waters, places, and the earth deepened through practices of honoring, intuitive listening, and giving back. This event is an opportunity to open your awareness and connect with the unseen realms of nature and how we, as humans, can make amends by offering loving care and land honoring and clearing practices.

Land Honoring, Clearing, Giving Back 

Saturday, November 2nd 10 am – 1 pm   

3-hour introductory workshop $25-$45 sliding scale

H.O.M.E. Center Living New Thought Church and Wellness Center 3892 Lancaster Dr. NE, Salem, Oregon

Have you ever wanted to learn how to honor, clear, and give back to land?

Learn key foundational earth honoring and nature connecting practices in this workshop. Make amends with the indigenous spirits of land. Align, connect, meet nature elementals, fairies, nature and land spirits as we connect, listen, and give back to Mother Earth. We will practice safe and protective protocols that open you to the mystical worlds of nature in your own backyard… and your own intuitive nature within.


Fairy Day Retreat!

Ayurbella, Vancouver, WA
Saturday November 9th 1-5 pm $50 prepay or online/ $65 at door
Come meet your Fairies. Journey to their Ancient Fairylands and unlock Fairy Wisdom!
Join us for a Day of Renewal & to Sparkle Up Your Inner-Magic!
Meet your fairy guides and learn how to work deeply with the fairy realms. Set your intention for class and deepen your fairy connection. Learn sacred land honoring practices. Connect with the tree spirits, elves, devas of the crystals, flowers, places, and make friends from the fairy realms. Receive powerful messages from the fairies and unlock your ancient faerie earth lineage and wisdom!
Explore your sacred connection to the fairy realm and learn how they can help you to live in more magical balance with the earth and yourself. Learn how the fairies are helping us to remember the ancient wisdom of the past to bring healing and evolution to the now! The fairies are eager to share their healing wisdom with you.
During class, we will each create our own flower essence formula to strengthen communication with the unseen realms. All supplies included. There will also be a Guided Journey Meditation, Attunements, and Creativity Initiations to awaken your soul gifts. We will Journey to ancient fairylands of Lemuria and explore and unlock fairy wisdom in our lineage. We will awaken and attune to the fairy realms and receive a Sacred Fairy Sound Bath.
Enjoy snacks, little fairy gift bags, magical offerings, and journals to take home.
Additional fairy art products and flower and tree essences will be available to purchase.
Lead by
Andrea Dombecki
Camilla Blossom Bishop
Wiesje Barnes
Held at Ayurbella
5102 Plomondon
Vancouver, Washington 98661

Saturday 1-5pm     $50 prepay or $65 at door Register here.
Come meet your fairies. Journey to their ancient fairy lands and unlock fairy wisdom!