July 10 (Tuesday) 5:30 pm  ceremony   6:30 pm tea party  Viento State Park (7 miles West of Hood River)

Water Healing Ceremony and Mermaid Tea Party

Join me Tuesday evening for a joyful community circle that not only feeds and energizes the water elementals of Mother Earth but is also is a way for you to receive gentle emotional healing and open connection with your divine feminine feeling nature and the water elementals—Mer. Your true FEELINGS are welcome in this circle.

Soothing water is good medicine for all of us right now. It soothes our emotions, allow purification, and opens our ability to dream in the Great Mystery of our lives. We will open our connection with elemental undines, mermaids, water fairies, Devas, dolphins, whales, salmon, and other beings of water. We will sing the NIBI WABO song (see BLOG post), chant my new Earth Elemental Blessing, use singing bowls, drums, and other magical sounds to harmonize the frequencies of the waters and emotions—within yourself and for the body of waters we are blessing.

To balance our inner-waters, Pele, the FireGoddess, will join us and help us further alchemize our inner-balance between Water and Fire.

Please RSVP Camilla if you are planning to attend. Text 775-721-0358. Love donations appreciated $5-$10. (You can send donations to Venmo: Camilla-Bishop or PayPal:

Thank you!


Plants Enchant, July 27-29 near Salem, Oregon

Awakening with Nature Elementals 


Open your connection with the spirit of land with song, flower essences, and a guided drum journey to meet the spirits and elementals of the land. We will commune with tree and plant spirits, devas, fairies, elves, gnomes, mermaids, animals, crystals, dragons or meet unicorns and other magical beings. The nature beings will guide us in a ritual to bless the land.


Summer Events 2018

Elemental Journey—Awakening the Magic of Land


What practices can we use to restore the subtle energy of land—make the land sing in harmony and delight once again? Most land has become imprinted with historical conflicts, congested with funky energy or emotional debris, or covered over by misaligned intentions. Instead of asking what humans want from land, let’s ask: How can we help the land sing? What does land really need?

Let’s tend and care for land. When land is in harmony, we feel it. We feel supported and nurtured. Over many years, I have discovered and uncovered valuable tools, techniques, and rituals to help energetically clear and restore places. Clearing away old energy gives space for the infusion of fresh magic and soothing energy.

You are invited to learn how to use these land clearing and connecting protocols so you can successfully practice them and take them home. You’ll have a chance to empower your own intuition as you practice subtle energy communication with the spirits of land. We’ll hold safe space for you to learn to listen to the land, in your own unique way. We will host a magical community circle to meet with nature elementals, tree spirits, devas, fairies, mermaids, elves, unicorns, animals, crystals, land guardians, and ancestors of land. We will ask questions and put the answers to good use on behalf of all land inhabitant—seen and unseen.



Pele’s Flower Essences of Hawaii — Fire, Water, Aloha Ceremony

Receive the alchemy of fire, water, and ALOHA spirit for new earth and soul awakening. Journey with the spirit of Aloha and Pele and the plants and tropical flowers of Hawaii’s Big Island—land of dragons and creation place where earth is always giving birth to new lands. Experience mana to mana-fest the energy for your dreams.

Passionflower – home and family (o’hana) is in the heart; Kava Kava (awa) – softening of your ways; Coffee – sense of safety and nourishment; Angel’s Trumpet – trusting the Mystery; Cacao (chocolate) – heart opening; upliftment; Taro – self-reliance; Pele’s Tears – soul transformation; Hibiscus – embodiment of pleasure…

Includes option to explore and integrate the regional flowers, trees, and plants of the lands by making a flower essence.


To host, sponsor, or attend an event, please contact Camilla.



— Winter 2018-2019 Events —

Big Island Retreat

You are invited to join me for a private retreat on the Big Island of Hawaii for you or your group. See ideas below…

Flowering with Land & Sea ~ Big Island of Hawaii Retreat 

Sacred Rituals and Trance Journeying with Pele & Fire Dragons on the Island of CREATION

Personal Transformation via Connection to Land, Flowers, Fire and Sea

with Camilla Blossom Bishop, Soul Midwife and Nature Spirit Intuitive

Aloha!  Your are invited to join me for 5 days of Mysticism and Magic on Hawaii’s Island of CREATION

Flowering with Land & Sea Big Island of Hawaii Retreat is a sweet and gentle space to nourish your soul, enjoy community, feast on healthy delicious food picked from the land, experience new paradigms, awaken your creativity and intuition, enjoy meditative quiet time, go on island adventures, and offer ritual and ceremony to the land and sea. I rejoice that we have this time to awaken new relationship with the nature elementals and spirits of nature here. Please join me.

  • Daily playshops with Camilla: Sacred Pele Ritual and the Transformative Power of Fire, Hawaiian Flower Essences and Voices of Love, Shamanic Journey with Dolphins, Whales, Turtles, Personal Land Rituals and Ancient Wisdom of Grandmothers of Creation
  • Boat trip to Kona to play with dolphins and mermaids
  • Mother Ocean time and Water Ceremonies in Warm Hawaiian Ponds
  • All Inclusive Program including organic, personalized meals


Camilla Blossom Bishop, Soul Midwife

For 20 years, Camilla has walked the path of the soul midwife, subtle energy healer, teacher, elemental & land alchemist, flower essence pioneer, flower whisperer, and friend of the fairy and magical realms. She has mentored, taught, and apprenticed numerous souls over the years in Flower Essence & Nature Spirit Alchemy. Her offerings include her book Sacred Spirit of The Gorge: The Columbia River Gorge Flower Essences & Essences of Place, Sacred Spirit Deck, and her widely praised flower essences and formulas.

“Camilla is the most inspiring spiritual teacher I’ve ever encountered and her work is full of love, beauty, joy, respectfulness, community, freedom, and imagination. I cannot recommend her highly enough and her flower essences are extremely potent, powerful tools.”

“The way that Camilla communes with all aspects of nature is absolutely remarkable and has brought much meaning, magic, and healing into my world. She is a nurturing, fun, empowering teacher.” 

“A workshop with Camilla is always full of laughter and deep healing. At the same time, it feels like a lesson in unearthing ancient knowing—I’m always blown away by something I learn about my body, the earth, a plant working with her.”

“Magical abundance abounds around Camilla’s teachings.”

Renew Your Spirit in Paradise!

A New Earth is dawning that is of our creation. Let’s gather and draw in the abundant elemental energy of the land & sea for a magical transformational experience of a lifetime and a potent opportunity to give thanks and honor Mother Earth and our relationship with the magical spirits of nature. And, let us welcome the New Earth and our role in it.

Join me for a nourishing retreat and time of renewal. Empower your spiritual relationship with Mother Earth embraced in the beauty and medicine of Hawaii’s volcanic Creation fire and her expansive ocean of love. We are answering the call of the Ancestors—the Native Hawaiian Grandmothers prayed and prayed that this retreat center land would be used for healing.

We will engage with the spirit of the land. We will dance with the magical realms. We will retreat in this quiet tropical jungle minutes from the ocean filled with flowers, trees, tropical fruits, and singing frogs. This land hears our desires and longings and assist in the birthing and manifestation of our highest dreams.

There will be time to share rituals, talk story, and practice reciprocal land connecting protocols. Quiet time will deepen the integration of our experiences and help us receive the rich rewards of flowering with land and sea.

Kona Dolphin Boat Trip: Learn New Patterns of Play


We will rejuvenate heart and soul with water ritual and the healing ocean waters and deepen relations with water elementals, devas, dolphins, whales, and mermaids/mermen of Lemuria, ancient light beings. A dolphin trip on the Kona side of the island will heighten the experience of oceanic communication and joy.


Delight in Relating with Subtle Elemental Realms


Journey with and explore the magic of the dragons, mermaids, fairies, gnomes, unicorns, and nature spirits of the plants, land, and multidimensional shamanic realms. We will partake in my new Fairy Communication Essence and do rituals to open relations and feel the magic.


Allow Heart Fire to Transform Through Joy

Pele, the volcano Goddess, will hold us, guide us, and teach us about her fiery passions, love, and truth. We will do a ritual with the essence of Pele’s Tears to transform our soul’s journey. Fire ceremony will connect us with our creation center and align us with how to work with the manifestation energy of this retreat center in Puna, Hawaii.



Hawaiian Flower Devas Want to Fill You With Love

We will attune to the subtle energy and spiritual essence of blossoming flowers, trees, plants as teachers and guides and learn how to work with this form of energy medicine (flower essences) for personal healing, water offerings, and land honoring. Flower Devas fairies are eagerly awaiting your loving presence!



Magical Land • Flower Essences • Ritual • Reciprocal Land Connecting Protocols • Nature Spirits • Fairy Realm Gardens • Nature Elemental Journeys • Altars • Fire Ceremony • Water Ceremony • Ocean Warm Pools • Snorkeling • Dolphin Trip • Healthy Tropical Food • Sunshine

Paradise Land of Creation

Nestled in the flowering and fruiting trees is a beautiful retreat center about 8 miles from Pahoa. Just minutes from the ocean in a quiet tropical jungle, the Native Hawaiian Grandmothers prayed that this land would be used for healing purposes. After spending a delightful healing week on the land, the cacao trees and Grandmothers blessed me and invited me to come and share my medicine and teachings with others on the land. There is a lovely sanctuary building, outdoor community kitchen and living space, outdoor shower, cabins, and many flowers and fruits including fresh coconut juice for breakfast. The hosts are warm and inviting and gifted in their own medicine path.

Please call or contact me with questions. 775-721-0358.