Energetic Initiations with Elemental Dragons

Vancouver, WA

Saturdays 3 – 5 pm

  • January 18 2020: Kundalini Initiation with Fire Dragons
  • February 8 2020: Earth Initiation with Earth Dragons 
  • March 14 2020: Spirit Voice Initiation with Air Dragons
  • April 11 2020: Womb Healing with Water Dragons

FEBRUARY — Receive INITIATION with Earth Dragons. In last circle, Fire Dragons initiated our kundalini. (Amazing openings folks!!!)

In Feb, Earth Dragons will be foundational to help us anchor new embodiment of new consciousness. New ways to ground on Mother Earth. We will work with Council of Earth Dragons to empower our creativity and 5D business success… and Mother Earth relations. Step into leadership. Receive help in co-creating your new life.

Even if you aren’t “into” dragons… this energy is potent creation energy for all of us to activate and receive to be more conscious humans.

XO Dragon Breath of Fire

Mystery, fear, and destruction surround dragon mythology. We will explore and discover the Truth about Dragons through having our own direct experiences, energetic transmissions, mystical journeys, and guidance from the elemental realms of earth, air, fire, and water dragons and elemental beings. 

Multidimensional dragons and elementals usher in new levels of consciousness for ourselves and our planet. We will make space to receive healing, energetic upgrades, and communication from dragons. Learn to be in conscious co-creative relationship with these beings of light, and Guardians of Mother Earth, to empower our awakening process and inspired actions.

Earth School Circling with the Council of Dragons. 

• Meet (or deepen your relationship) with your personal dragon(s)

• Learn how to consciously co-create with dragons

• Manifest your dreams with your radiant spirit and imagination—consciousness leads to inspired action

• Take your place alongside dragons as Guardians of Mother Earth

• Connect with human community and kin, your Dragon Tribe

Circle will include guided journeys into The Otherworld. Come expand your consciousness as you work with Dragons. 

Location: Vancouver, WA (10 miles north of Portland, OR) Ayurbella 5102 Plomondon St, Vancouver, Washington 98661

Register here. $42 prepaid (per circle)

Work trade/financial assistance available. Contact Camilla


Fairy & Human Relations Congress 2020

June 25-29. Fairy Congress Skalitude Retreat. Twisp, WA. Camilla is presenter.



Spirit of Pine: Pine Basket Weaving


Teaching & Materials Fee: $45 per person (6 person minimum)

with Camilla Blossom Bishop

Join us in a playful and meditative time to connect with the Spirit of Pine and weave a sacred pine needle basket. Bring your intentions and we will commune with the spirit of the tree, meet the Pine Maiden, and spiral with the wisdom of the Spirit Grandmothers. Sing songs, meditate with Pine flower essence, and learn how to make a pine-needle basket. Gather in community to celebrate the season and carry greater self-love, self-acceptance, and inner-peace into your life. Bring towel and scissors.

Contact Camilla to host a class: 775-721-0358