Garden Gatherings: Journey with the Elementals

At The Unicorn Garden  Prairie Star Meadows in Mosier, Oregon

Camilla, Heather, and the nature spirits invite you to open your hearts and souls to the call of the Elementals. They are waiting to offer you the love, abundance, support, and magic your heart desires. Let the fairies, unicorns, and mystical beings hold safe space for you to drop into to those soft places of self and to gently and powerfully open yourself to a new level of love.

The way of the Elementals is Playful and Profound. We will dance. We will sing. We will touch the earth. We will guide you on a journey to meet your elemental guides. We will learn how to deepen our relationships with these beautiful beings. Take these teachings and healings home with you and learn to co-create with the elementals and spirit of land everywhere. Join us for one or all four of the Elemental Garden Journeys! Note: some dates have changed.

June 25 Sun. 3-6 pm  Co-Creating Abundance with Earth Gnomes

July 23 Sun. 2-5 pm  Opening Up Spirit Communication with Fairies & Birds

August 27 Sun. 6-9 pm   Manifesting Dreams with Fire Dragons (note time change)

September 17 Sun 3-6  Healing with Water Mermaids & Unicorns

3-hours of meditation, play, and guided shamanic experiences in The Unicorn Garden.Fairy Tea Party & art supplies provided. $35/Journey; Unicorn Garden Club member* discount ($5 off/Journey)

The Unicorn Garden at Prairie Star Meadows is a magical place where dreams come true. A place where your inner child delights and you are encouraged and supported to your fullest expression of self. Prairie Star Meadows is a nature sanctuary located in Mosier, OR nestled in the majesty of the Columbia River Gorge, just over an hour from Portland, OR. Camilla Blossom Bishop & Heather Kowalewski dance, sing, and commune with the elementals and spirits of nature.


$35   $30/each for Unicorn Garden Club Members