Mermaid Suggestion: Use Vibrational Essences to Care for Water

A mermaid taught me how to care for the waters. She is bluish in hue and calls herself Brita. She told me to wear the color turquoise to attune to water energy. She wanted me to tell you about her so you know she is real. Then, you will care for the waters, too.

I find mermaids and water elementals to be very loving and playful. Some love to communicate with humans. They respond very strongly to gratitude and loving intention and really want people to experience them and enjoy their beauty and sensual presence. Also, they want to work with humans to care for the waters of Mother Earth.

I taught a workshop at the Fairy Congress and Brita, the mermaid, led our group on a shamanic journey into an underwater water temple. We traveled into the temple to discover new ways to help the waters. She showed us that there were specific frequencies of energy that could be fed to the waters in order to balance, align, and heal. These energies are like food for the waters and can energize the spirit of water in these locations.

For several years afterwards, I used a set of 19 essences I channeled for this purpose. I “tested” the vibrational essences to see which one(s) wanted to be added to waters. I placed them in dammed waterways, streams, lakes, and rivers as needed. In addition, I used many of the flower essences I have created and quartz crystals, sound healing, and ceremony as vibrational medicine to feed and energize the water and offer it the frequencies it was missing or needing to find greater harmony.  

To do this, I placed 4-6 drops of a flower essence in the waterway after selecting or “testing” which flower essence is needed with a pendulum or finger kinesiology. Often, after placing the essences in the water, I felt a magical wave of energy flow out from where I made the offering. It felt so profound to be experiencing a response back from the waters and beings present. The mermaids and elementals were saying, “Thank you.” It gave me a sense that what I was doing made a difference.

I noticed that whenever I gave back to the waters unconditionally, I simultaneously received healing. I never had to ask. Healing and love flowed back and filled me up. I always felt better. The mermaids and elementals were caring for my body as I cared for the precious body of Mother Earth.

I continue to use flower essences in waterways as an offering to the water elementals, mermaids, and devas of water. My relationship with the mermaids has grown and now they assist me in making flower essences. Their magical dreamy frequencies blend with the flowers and trees to create balancing, nourishing, and activating medicine for the waters and all the creatures than inhabit the depths.

Camilla Blossom Bishop

Camilla Blossom Bishop

Hi, I am Camilla. I am a medicine woman, land alchemist, flower essence alchemist, spiritual way shower, mentor, and messenger for the wisdom of the Grandmothers, Divine Mother, and sacred feminine creative source energy of Mother Earth. I open and catalyze relationships with sacred spirits of Gaia including nature's Elementals, Fairy, Sidhe, Dragons, Mermaids, Gnomes, Ancestors, lands and waters. I offer online Land Alchemy course, Flower Essence Magic course, mentorship, and a Patreon Portal to empower your energetic and spiritual connection, care, and honoring of Mother Earth.

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