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BEE-ing the New Earth

The Fairy Congress was epically magical and fun this year.The event starts with a chant:“FAY, WE LOVE YOU!”Immersed in new… Continue reading BEE-ing the New Earth

Mother Earth, Womb Healing

Womb Grounding into Gaia’s Womb

Our womb (or hara) wants to ground into Nature.                       … Continue reading Womb Grounding into Gaia’s Womb

Ancestors, Ceremony, Mother Earth

VIDEO: New Earth Visioning Earth Visioning Video LINKI am asking for your support and participation in co-creating a New Earth.  Welcome to my… Continue reading VIDEO: New Earth Visioning

Land Council, Mother Earth, Spirits of Land

Seeing In the Dark

Seeing-in-the-dark was an expression that came through for me earlier this year. It sounds mysterious... like Night Creatures. During my dreamtime one… Continue reading Seeing In the Dark

Earth, Fairies, Mother Earth, The Sidhe, Womb Healing

Video: Guided Journey with Fairies Guided Journey with Fairies, Sidhe, & Elementals1 hour Co-Creative Personal & Planetary Healing with Fairies, Sidhe, Dragons, Elementals, DevasReceive… Continue reading Video: Guided Journey with Fairies

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Solstice Oracle Reading

HAPPY WINTER SOLSTICE  December 21 2021 Here is a Fairy Activism Oracle Deck reading for Winter Solstice 2021 to usher… Continue reading Solstice Oracle Reading

Elementals, Fairies, Mother Earth

Fairy Treasure Map

Print Map - PDF Here's a fun way to connect more with the spirits of the lands where you live,… Continue reading Fairy Treasure Map

Healing, Mother Earth

Grounding in the New Earth

In order to celebrate and offer our spiritual and energetic gifts, we need to be fully anchored—grounded and fully present… Continue reading Grounding in the New Earth