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Video: Spirit of Tobacco

photo by Wendy Griffin Here is the video from the Earth School event (Celebrate New Earth!) honoring the Spirit of Tobacco. Wendy Griffin shared her journey with the plant from childhood in North Carolina to her recent calling to grow the plant, make flower essences, and share the teachings of this sacred plant. Wendy and… Continue reading Video: Spirit of Tobacco

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Fairy Inspired Magical Gardening

In short Youtube videos, I am sharing my intuitive process for co-creating magical gardens with fairies, devas, nature spirits, and elementals. I began designing and planting this vegetable garden in Ridgefield, WA (near Vancouver, WA) in April 2020. I asked the fairies to assist me and work side-by-side. They gave me a beautiful design for… Continue reading Fairy Inspired Magical Gardening

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Ceremony to Deepen Bee Relations

Why were the bees asking me to lead a ceremony for them? Several days before the ceremony, I was intuitively informed that the Bee Nation wanted a death ceremony or an honoring for the bees that had passed over. What a beautiful gesture to bring community together to offer love and support to honey bees.  A group… Continue reading Ceremony to Deepen Bee Relations

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Believe in Mermaids… “We are Real.”

I met a mermaid. Her name is Silla. Her tail is reddish, greenish, with golden scales and her hair is golden. Through merging with her in the etheric realms, I got to know extreme pleasure and joy! I swam through the waterfall and waters with her at blinding speed, feeling effervescent bubbles and energies of… Continue reading Believe in Mermaids… “We are Real.”

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How to Be In-the-Flow of 5D Abundance

In my healing practice, Earth School, life, everyone I engage with is exploring this new terrain of the 5th Dimension. We are integrating the transition now. Even if you don’t understand what that means, something is up. Something significant has changed within ourselves and within the collective experience of humanity. March 2020 is a potent… Continue reading How to Be In-the-Flow of 5D Abundance

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What is a Land Energy Clearing?

When you look up "land clearing" on google, you get a lot of heavy equipment operators. Land clearing in my world in about honoring and blessing the sacred spirit or subtle energy of land. I work specifically to assist the many land spirits of places including elementals, nature spirits, ancestral spirits, and guardians of land.… Continue reading What is a Land Energy Clearing?

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Let Nature Be Your Guide

Let nature and the spirits of land guide you in what you do on land.  Inside of acting from a human-centric approach, try flipping your ideas, and beliefs, upside down and allowing nature to use you as a voice, ambassador, or conduit for their love, beauty, and teachings. Your nature conscious will grow strongest with this… Continue reading Let Nature Be Your Guide

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Are You Nature Conscious?

Intentions are great to have when working with nature and land. Yet, that is not enough. You need consent. When you ask permission, or consent, from the land spirits and invisible beings of nature, you will know that your intentions are not just yours but are welcomed by the beings that live there. I call… Continue reading Are You Nature Conscious?

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Moss Woman Wants to Nurture You

As a way to deeper our relationships with nature spirits and land, I'm creating a new deck of earth alchemy cards (with artist Andrea Dombecki of featuring the beloved beings of nature I co-create with. I wanted to share Moss Woman today as she felt so deep and timely. Our world's need for nurturing.… Continue reading Moss Woman Wants to Nurture You