Land Connecting

Workshops to empower a magical life through harmonious relationship with land.

Healthy relationship with land empowers an abundant life of magic, delight, and inner-harmony. When we care for land, land cares for us. Amending your approach to relationship with land can root you more deeply in the earth as home, awaken gifts passed down in your lineage, and open magical relations with plants, animals, elementals, nature spirits, and ancestors. You will feel a deeper sense of home and belonging. Land Connecting Protocols are foundational earth-honoring tools, techniques, teachings, and nature rituals that open doorways so you can experience new ways to walk upon the earth… abundantly.

Grounding • Offerings • Permission • Land Clearing-Retrieval • Ancestor Honoring • Flower-Plant Alchemy • Sacred Waters • Elements/Elementals • Altars • Magical Gardens • Land Ceremony

Camilla Blossom Bishop is seeking land locations and/or organizers to host and promote experiential workshops in 2018. Your land and community will thank you!

Big Island, Hawaii winter 2017/2018
Workshop Tour beginning in Spring 2018

Contact: camillablossom1111 @ GMAIL.COM