Property Clearing

Property Energy Clearing: Clear Your Home, Office, Land to Create Harmony, Nature Connection, & Flow of Abundance

Camilla Blossom Bishop, Land Alchemist & Consultant


Times you need a Property Energy Clearing…

> Moving to new property

> Hauntings, arguing, repeating problems

> Emotional energy, technology. geopathic issues

> Loss of income, work stress, lack of motivation

> No connection to magical realms of land—fairies, devas, nature spirits


Property Energy Clearing results in…

  • Feeling happier, calmer, clearer
  • Experiencing a supportive, nourishing home—more energy
  • In touch with fairies, nature spirits, magical realms

What Your Receive in a Property Energy Clearing with Camilla

Clearing, retrieval, copy of worksheet, recommendations to balance land.

Clear Emotional Energy, Darkness

Clear Geopathic Stress

Clear EMFs and Technology

Land Retrieval

Balance Elements

Set New Fields of Energy (templates)

Nature Spirit Alchemy


Property Consultations long distance available…

Moving in, Seeking New Property, Moving Out – Pulling Out Your Energy Selling Property

Altars, Magical Gardens, Nature Spirit relationships



Contact Camilla at 775-721-0358