Property Clearing

Property Clearing: Clear Your Home, Office, Land to Create Harmony, Nature Connection, & Flow of Abundance

Camilla Blossom Bishop, Land Alchemist & Consultant

 Workshops coming soon! Seeking land hosts and interested land-keepers wanting mentoring. Big Island & mainland USA.

What’s going on? What are signs you may need to clear property—home, office, land?

___ Moving to new home, property

___ Trying to sell property but it’s not selling

___ Hauntings, darkness, negativity, land depletion

___ Repeating issues: breakages (ie, water pipes), accidents, conflicts

___ Emotional imbalances, disharmony, dis-ease, conflicts common

___ Unusual events, sightings, and experiences on land

___ Loss of income, abundance issues, lack of motivation

___ Fatigue, inertia, stuck/congested energy, lack of motivation, inability to change

___ Technology or EMF exposure

___ Not in touch with fairies, devas, nature spirits, elementals, or magical realms of land

___ Lack of purpose, clarity, inability to make decisions

___ Seeking new property, home, office, land

___ Moving out and need to pull your energy out

___ Other ___________________________________________________________


Contact Camilla 775-721-0358 for more information and to schedule a Property Clearing.