Land Session

Land Session

1 hour @ $80.00

Clear & Bless Your Home, Office, Land to Create Harmony and Connection to Nature

Are you moving to a new home, moving out of an old home, or simply looking for a new place to make a fresh start? Let me help you work with the land to make it more supportive for you, your family, or your staff. When we honor the spirit of land, the land cares for us in return. I offer energetic land clearing services, making suggestions for how to best deal with challenges, and bring greater magic and harmony to new or old building projects. I can also teach you how to do it yourself! Services are available in-person/on-site or via long-distance (phone) consultations.


What Are the Goals of Land Clearing?

>Clearing emotional energy and attachments

>Releasing historical imprints and darkness

>Balancing elements and earth-based geopathic stress (i.e., underground water)

>Neutralizing EMFs from technology and setting sacred space and protections

>Creating land connecting protocols: connecting with the spirit of land, and honoring ancestors and nature elementals by making offerings and asking permission

>Setting energetic templates for intentions of new buildings, landscaping, gardens, and altars


You May Need a Clearing or Consultation If…

> You’re moving to new property, building a new building, or modifying landscaping

> You’ve experienced hauntings, or are having ongoing problems/arguments with others

> You’re stressed out at work and have lost your motivation and/or income

> You’re feeling emotional congestion, mental confusion, and unsupported on land

> You’re no longer feeling connected to the magical realms of your land—fairies, devas, and nature spirits



>Feeling happier, calmer, clearer

>Experiencing a supportive, nourishing home—more energy

>More loving, cooperative relationships

>Increasingly positive experiences with people and the joys of nature

>Renewed connections with nature spirits and magical realms



Land Guardians Harmonize Medical Building

“I just wanted to follow up with you about this Land Blessing you did for us. I am amazed by the cultural shift that has occurred in our staff. Historically, there has been a feeling of chaos and anxiety amongst our staff. With the move to this building, that has completely shifted. This space is incredibly peaceful and supportive and there is a sense of calm within the staff. I’m noticing folks supporting each other and working together in a whole new light. One provider even mentioned that she feels like a better healer! It’s hard to believe that a building would bring such a dramatic cultural shift. I’m confident that the guardians of this land are holding and supporting us all.”

—with Gratitude, staff member



Book Camilla for a 1-hour Land Session, a full Land Clearing & Blessing Ceremony (on-site or long-distance), or a mentorship in Sacred Land Alchemy. Camilla is available to travel to your location; Travel expenses $ .75/mile.

For more information or a quote, please contact Camilla at 775-721-0358


Learn how to clear land with nature realms yourself– join us at an event!