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Land Alchemy with Camilla Blossom 

~ land energy clearing 

~ Honoring Spirits of land—Fairies, Elementals, Ancestors 

~ Energetic Harmonization 

~ Awakening spirit of land 

~ Land Ceremony 

~ Co-Creative Relations with Nature

onsite or distance healing

You Need a Land/House Clearing If…

  • You are moving in or moving out or having trouble selling a property
  • The history of land includes trauma, conflict, divorce, illness, or tension
  • You’ve experienced hauntings, or are having ongoing problems/arguments with others
  • You’re stressed out at your home office and have lost your motivation and/or income
  • You’re feeling emotional congestion, mental confusion, and unsupported on land
  • You don’t feel connected to nature or the magical realms of your land—fairies, devas, and nature spirits

Outcomes of a Clearing …

  • Feel happier, calmer, clearer
  • Experiencing a supportive, nourishing home—more energy
  • More loving, cooperative relationships
  • Increase in positive experiences with people and the joys of nature
  • Renewed connections with nature spirits and magical realms

After a Land Alchemy clearing, a Sense of peace and harmony permeates the area. 

There is an honoring of a stronger sense of purpose for the land.

“I just wanted to follow up with you about this Land Blessing you did for us. I am amazed by the cultural shift that has occurred in our staff. Historically, there has been a feeling of chaos and anxiety amongst our staff. With the move to this building, that has completely shifted. This space is incredibly peaceful and supportive and there is a sense of calm within the staff. I’m noticing folks supporting each other and working together in a whole new light. One provider even mentioned that she feels like a better healer! It’s hard to believe that a building would bring such a dramatic cultural shift. I’m confident that the guardians of this land are holding and supporting us all.”

“After you introduced me to the layers of non-physical presence at our home, my relationship and connection went (is) 10 fold what it was. I connect daily with them, giving gratitude and building connection. I feel more integrated with the land we live on and such deep appreciation of the non-physical realm of support here. You really helped me see and believe. You bridged and amplified this world for me. Deepest gratitude and joy. “

“I met Camilla at a land blessing hosted by a friend and decided she was a natural teacher—not letting herself get in the way of the stories and instruction she provided. Then that same friend proposed that I have Camilla do a land and house clearing on a house project I had recently acquired.

I am a senior law and policy advisor for a federal agency. I was not sure as to why I would need that done but given my impressions as related above, I agreed to it. My project is a late 1800s house half burned in 1977 and remodeled by California wood butchers without the art. Many challenges included the accumulation of a lot of stuff—anything from old TV Guides to dirt. Cleaning the house and land was slow going but no feeling of malevolence. Four hours after the gift of the cleanse, I met with a good friend who had been helping but who also had a project of his own. He said he was finished with me for the time being. I showed him the cleaning I had done since he was last there including removing more of the old collapsed plaster walls. He asked if I was going to add any electrical outlets before I re-plastered. Then, he volunteered that an overhead light switch would be great and he could do that for me. We talked about how to proceed. Such enthusiasm he had not shown about my project for months. We parted. Not until I was sitting with a cup of a tea in my current house did I realize how the house project felt lighter and dare I say more welcoming after the cleanse. Certainly, the response of my friend who was inspired to offer more help must have been a result of the new energy.”

Land Alchemy SessionS

  • Land Alchemy SPECIAL $225  Portland, OR + Vancouver, WA (one-hour, onsite land ceremony)
  • Land Alchemy SPECIAL $225+  Outside region (one-hour, onsite land ceremony add travel expenses)
  • Land Alchemy Session (Onsite or Distance) $225 per hour plus travel expenses

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