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Temple of Earth Magic

for Access to a Treasure Trove of Wisdom Teachings, Spirit Journeys, Exclusive Content to Learn Land Alchemy Practices, Protocols, Rituals, Tools, Intuitive Techniques. 


Learn how to joyfully co-create with sacred spirits of Gaia to anchor new and ancient ways back on lands. Supported by the sacred spirits of Gaia, you will learn ways to honor, listen, awaken, clear, and co-create with the sacred spirits, fairies and elementals, ancestors of your home, land, waters—your Land Council.

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Yes, I want to be a community member and enjoy access to all Land Alchemy Training materials…

You are Invited…

to Enter a Sacred Space of Remembering and Awakening 

We are Called to Envision, Co-Create, & Anchor New Consciousness on Our Lands, Homes, Waters


Let’s Enter…

Gaia’s Temple of Earth Magic 

Enter Gaia’s Temple space and learn how to deeply honor, awaken, bring magical nature spirit relationships back to your home, land, waters.  

We will meet with the sacred spirits of Gaia—Elementals, Fairy Realms, Plant Medicine, Ancestors, and The Councils of Gaia­.

Learn how to anchor these new energies (or ancient ones) in your Land Altars, grids/leylines of Mother Earth, in ritual and ceremony, and in making offerings, blessings, and prayers to the lands, waters, our homes.


As a member of the Temple of Earth Magic, you will receive

  • energetic, spiritual, magical transmissions to awaken your lineage powers and gifts
  • activation in order to access nature spirit realities and hone your ability to communicate and connect with nature spirits
  • attunement for your energy field to align more easily with frequencies, higher octaves, and spiritual experiences
  • team of sacred earth spirits to form your own Land Council to activate greater magic, beauty, and harmony on your land and home
  • Land Alchemy practices to unwind, awaken, open the subtle energy of landscapes and waterways, clear old energy, made amends

“Thank you so much, Camilla… My life is richer and deeper because of you. You have been such an essential teacher for me. I so appreciate your time and all the wisdom you’ve shared. It's been an amazing time of learning, growth, and depth. Thank you so much for all you've taught me."

Bee Symbol

Open to Alchemical Practices.

These simple words are the foundation of the shamanic, earth-based teachings I have developed and co-created with the elementals, Gaia, and the spirits of land. 

  • Invitation

  • Presence

  • Co-Creation

  • Transformation

Gaia wants me to share these teachings so we can spread new ways for the land. 

Remember your role in the restoration and renew of nature relationships and care and tending of the lands and waters.

Reclaim your authority as a Land or Flower Alchemist.


The Spirits of Land and Water Will Thank You!

Teachings will awakens, catalyze, and open the way for a deepening of beautiful, sweet, and transformative nature relations and how to co-create harmony for the lands and waters of Gaia.

  • Co-Creating Intuitive Nature Relationships with Sacred Spirits of Gaia 
  • Harmonizing, Energy Clearing Practices and Rituals to Awaken Land and Your Magical Relationship
  • Intuitive Teachings & Energetic Attunements
  • Journeying into Etheric Gaian Temple of Earth Magic
  • Nature Rituals, Ceremony
  • Land Alchemy Practices
  • Shamanic Practices & Intuitive Development 
  • Energetic Transmissions, Attunement, Alignments, Spiritual Activations
  • E-Books

"Camilla’s Nature Spirit Medicine teachings are deeply transformational and inspiring. She merges beautiful ancient traditions with exciting new ways of honoring and connecting with Nature. Her teachings offer a uniquely powerful experience that helps us transition into a new way of being and how we express that in all areas of our lives.”

Full Syllabus

Getting Started – Welcome to Land/Flower Alchemist Training! We are so happy you are here. Here are is the place to start your journey:

  • Principles of Land Alchemy
  • Earth Dowsing with a Pendulum
  • What is Alchemy? Presence, Invitation, Co-Creation, Transformation
  • Overview of the Training (Syllabus)

Personal Energy Alignment – Prepare yourself for Land Alchemy and Flower Alchemy by harmonizing your energy field, aura, chakras, and alignment with the Crystalline Grid within, above, below.

  • Energy Clearing
  • Heart Centering
  • Setting Sacred Space
  • Grounding
  • Vertical/Horizontal Alignment
  • Earth Empath/Sensitives Protection when Offering Land Alchemy (home, remote, onsite)

Land Alchemy Protocols – Required foundational practices before offering Land Alchemy:

  • Making Offerings
  • Asking Permission
  • Native Land Honoring
  • Honoring Fairy Realms & Elementals
  • Co-Creating with Land Council
  • Intention Setting
  • Ceremony Invoking and Releasing

Nature Spirit Relationships – Awakening, communicating, forming, and nurturing relationships with sacred spirits of Gaia and your Land Council members.

  • EBook: Sacred Spirits of Gaia: Co-Creating a New Earth with Fairies, Elementals, Ancestors, and Spirits of Land
  • Your Mother Earth/Gaia Relationship
  • How to Co-Create Relationship with a Land Council
  • Co-Creating with Dragons
  • Faery Realms Connecting
  • Guided Spirit Journeys
  • Elemental Transmissions
  • Rituals
  • Intuitive Development for Communicating with Nature Realms
  • Water Blessing and Honoring

Rituals – Anchor and embody land alchemy teachings on the land and waters. More rituals can be accessed in my book and I will share some here.

  • Offerings
  • Permission
  • Building a Land Altar
  • Elemental Honoring Chant & Invocation to Call in Elementals
  • Connecting with Mother Trees
  • Offerings in 4 Directions
  • Greet & Meet Guardians of Land
  • Holding a Land Council Meeting
  • Listening to Land
  • Oracle Deck (Sacred Spirit of Gaia)
  • Gnome Dance
  • Moss Foot Blessings

Tools/Techniques to Offer Land Alchemy – Learn how to use tools and techniques in your Land Alchemy practice for land energy clearing, land harmonization, and land awakening. It is required to have completed the foundational practices (Personal Energy Alignment, Land Alchemy Protocols) before proceeding with these.

  • Land Alchemy Questionnaire for Land Alchemy Sessions – remote, onsite (PDF)
  • Land Blessing & Intention Setting
  • Land Clearing & Harmonizing Prayer
  • Honoring Your Home Deva (Spirit of Home)
  • Space & Home Clearing
  • Pendulum Work
  • Crystalline Gridwork
  • How to Clear Energy of Land, Water
  • Sound Healing for Water
  • Locating and Honoring Water Sources/Water Elementals
  • Crystals and Crystalline Grids (land, homes)
  • Clearing Historical Imprints from Land (trauma)
  • Clearing Cords, Emotional Energy Attachments
  • Calling Back Your Own Soul Fragments/Aspects from Lands
  • Geopathic Stress from Underground Water
  • Clearing Curses
  • Releasing Discarnate Beings, Ghost, or Spirit Clearing
  • Death Ceremony
  • Color Healing
  • Balancing Elements—Fire, Earth, Air, Water—on Land
  • Designing and Anchoring a Magical Garden
  • Clearing Land Contracts
  • Moving From/To New Home
  • Portal Clearing, Closing, Guardianship
  • Grids, Ley Lines, Gridkeeper Work, Connecting Lands
  • Anchoring Divine Blueprint of Land

Flower Alchemy + Essences – Teaching and spirit journeys with plants.

  • Ebook: Sacred Spirits of The Gorge: Columbia River Gorge Flower Essences and Essences of Place
  • Flower Essence as Vibrational Medicine for Land
  • Flower Essence for Healing Ghosts, Spirits, Elementals, Ancestors, and Fairy Realms
  • Making Flower Essences to Heal Gaia and Sacred Spirits of Land
  • Plant Spirit Journeys
  • Trees, Tree Guardians, Allies, and Tree Grids

Case Studies – Examples of Land Alchemy Sessions

  • to be announced

Resources –

  • Land Honoring Kit info
  • Flower Essence Magic Kit info
  • Book Readings
  • How to Use Oracle Cards
  • Book Lists

Is Land Alchemy Training perfect for YOU?

If you identify with any these descriptions or roles, then YES!

  • Home-Owners, Land Holders, Land Tenders
  • Land Caretakers, Land Stewards
  • Retreat Center Managers & Owners
  • Land-Based Businesses
  • Farmers
  • Landscapers, Gardeners,  Designers, Realtors
  • Landkeeper, Earthkeeper, Earthwalker, Waterkeeper
  • Gridworker, Gatekeeper
  • Intuitive Healers, Nature Intuitives, Oracles
  • Tree Whisperers, Land Whisperers
  • Herbalists, Flower Essence Practitioners
  • Energy Healers, Teachers
  • Earth Empaths, Empaths, Sensitives
  • Starseeds, Lightworkers
  • Creatives
  • Caretakers, Nurturers
  • Spiritual Seekers
  • Fairy Realm, Sidhe, Elemental Ambassadors

“Over the years, it’s been powerful to watch Camilla grow. We traveled together on Earth doing water wheel ceremony all over. She had a uniqueness about her… working with the devas, dragons, and spirits of water. She sometimes would see things I wouldn’t. I watched her grow with knowledge and keep on adding on, adding on, adding on and now has established teachings, videos, books. She’s an amazing, amazing woman. She’s done a major amount of work. I ask the Grandmothers to give her three feathers. You’re earned them, Camilla. Aho.”

What is Your Relationship to Home, Land, Belonging?

Some of you are Earthkeepers—they primarily stay in one location while others are what I call Earthwalkers who move around and are called to different lands. Sometimes the spirit of lands or waters call you to work with them. 

This membership or course offers something for every form of relationship you may have with home, land, and your sense of belonging.

There is such a need for re-connection with the spirit of home and place and how to build relationships with Mother Earth. 

This is my life motto:

“I am not here to heal the earth, I am here to heal my relationship with Mother Earth.”

In the membership or course, you can start cultivating lovely, peaceful energy in your home, yard, land, or even a rental apartment or home and the parks you frequent through relationship with the spirits of land.

How do you want to touch the earth in her new solar reality?

How do we work with Mother Earth instead of just for her?


Deepen Your Connection to the Land and Water by Co-Creating with Fairies, Elementals, Ancestors, and Spirits of Land

Camilla  – Version 2

Hi, I’m Camilla!

I’m a Land Alchemist and voice for the sacred spirits of Gaia.

I love to express my lineage and soul gifts by co-creating a life of true blossoming… where I follow my spiritual intuition and soul’s callings and celebrate my creativity with abundance and gratitude. 

My gifts are my empathic nature, my intuition, and high sensitivity. These gifts make me highly suited to navigate and dance with the magical energy of fairies, elementals, and the spirit of land and water. 

Plus, I love being a medicine women, an energy healer, and teaching and passing Mother Earth’s wisdom on. 

My journey with land work is intertwined with my flower essence alchemy, travels to honor the waters, and many years of ceremony and planetary gridwork. 

Through my own experiences, I have developed my own process for co-creating relationships and giving back to Mother Earth.

I love to hold sacred space for others and share access to the beautiful, colorful, sparkly energy medicine I love so much. 

My teaching style is very nurturing, relational, mothering, and kind.

My intention is to give you energetic, spiritual, and magical access to earth knowledge, sacred spirits of Gaia, and whatever frequencies and teachings you need to grow in service to Mother Earth.

I wish to nurture, support, and empower you to claim your unique gifts, roles, and way of offering land alchemy.

And, I’ve been known as a catalyst who activates others to free up and express their magical, and sometimes hidden, gifts.

"If you would like to work for the fairies, Camilla is your guide! Camilla is a rock star in the fairy realm. I love Camilla, She is the best. You’ll love her too. She has helped us so much. Whenever you take this course or connect with Camilla, know that you are learning to heal and help us too. This course has been a gift to the nature realms. Enjoy it! And as you take it, remember, you are SEEN by the FAIRIES!"


Why did I create Land Alchemy teachings?

I learn through direct experience.

Nature teaches through offering direct experiences, stories, ritual, energy (information) transfers, attunement, intuitive development, and spiritual activation.

Osmosis. Trance. Meditative Journeys. Shamanic journeys. Dreamtime. Inner-Knowing. Remembering.

This earth-based spiritual style of teaching is how I roll.

It allows you to step more quickly on your path and receive access to the spiritual/energetic aspects of nature. Integrate the energies, access the knowledge, and embody it fully.

We are in a time when this is how we learn best.

Everything is quickening.

There is nothing quite like circles with kindred souls to co-create with nature spirits and watch magic and miracles spark…

and the land sparkles as a result!


Become a Land Alchemist Offering Services

There are lots of ways you can share these teachings and even bring them into a professional practice. 

More and more, people will be asking for Land & Water Blessings, Fairy, Elemental, Ancestor, Land Spirit Honoring, Ceremony & Land Rituals, Land Energy Clearing Services

If you love to teach or mentor others, you will have lots of material to share. You can bring these practices into your communities to awaken more awareness of how the spirits of land are connected.


When Land Alchemy Calls You… 

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The spirits of land & water thank you!

Bee the Magic!

In deep gratitude for all the ways we get to express our unique Earth Magic.