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Ceremony to Deepen Bee Relations

Why were the bees asking me to lead a ceremony for them? Several days before the ceremony, I was intuitively informed that the Bee Nation wanted a death ceremony or an honoring for the bees that had passed over. What a beautiful gesture to bring community together to offer love and support to honey bees.  A group… Continue reading Ceremony to Deepen Bee Relations

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Holding Ceremony? Be Conscious of Land Spirits

There are many beautiful ceremonies that are offered to elevate and enlighten all beings. Mother Earth is asking us to be more conscious of how we honor the spirit of land before and after ceremony especially ceremony that comes from other lands. We want all the subtle energies, Ancestors, nature spirits, devas, and elementals of… Continue reading Holding Ceremony? Be Conscious of Land Spirits

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Troubled Land Becomes Haven for Horses

Strange things were happening in the rural Bend, Oregon neighborhood. The area included a small collection of houses and a refuge for rescued horses. Domestic violence erupted at one home. A cancer diagnosis at another. A shooting related to a house-sitter’s ex-boyfriend brought the police out. Keith broke his arm immediately after moving a rock… Continue reading Troubled Land Becomes Haven for Horses

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Self-Mastering the Mind with Air Elementals

I was trying too hard. Focusing on too many things. Thinking too much. But when I began working on creating the air elemental online class, it was easy to drop into my meditation practice. A sky-blue Air Dragon showed up and offered to help. My mind got clearer about priorities, and my physical body felt… Continue reading Self-Mastering the Mind with Air Elementals

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Video: Spirit of Tobacco

Here is the video from the Earth School event (Celebrate New Earth!) honoring the Spirit of Tobacco. Wendy Griffin shared her journey with the plant from childhood in North Carolina to her recent calling to grow the plant, make flower essences, and share the teachings of this sacred plant. Wendy and I have been offering… Continue reading Video: Spirit of Tobacco


Seed Blessing Ceremony

These are my writings on the process of co-creating magical gardens with the nature spirits and elementals. I gathered lots of seeds for our gardens at Prairie Star at a lovely seed-swap event at the Rockford Grange in Hood River Valley. Very special seeds were available from Aera and her magical garden at Rahaine overlooking… Continue reading Seed Blessing Ceremony

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Honoring Native People

Several years ago, I was deeply touched to witness the mayor of Hood River, Oregon, Paul Blackburn, on his knees apologizing to the native people assembled on Indigenous Peoples Day. He stated his apology on behalf of his and our community’s ancestors. We all dropped to our knees with him. Tears poured out of the… Continue reading Honoring Native People