Video – Unicorn Heart Healing

In these times of heartbreak and enormous unrest, the unicorns shed tears of compassion for humanity. They have communicated that they would like to be of service. Whether you need extra love, a space to feel or grieve, a tender touch, a gentle place to replenish, or healing, the unicorns are offering that to you.… Continue reading Video – Unicorn Heart Healing


Unicorn, Unicorns… What’s the Deal?

I'm sure you have noticed an abundance of unicorns everywhere. There is good reason for that. Unicorn are soul healers. In my world, I am friends with these high frequency spiritual energy beings. They have gifted me with immense healing experiences and wisdom in many aspects of my life including my sexuality, emotions, inner-child, abundance,… Continue reading Unicorn, Unicorns… What’s the Deal?

Fairies, Gardens, Land, Star Nations, Unicorns

Plant an Ancient Star Garden

One of the most powerful things you can do for yourself, the land, and the earth is to plant a magical garden. Maybe you’ll plant a garden for the fairies, the stars, or the unicorns like I did in Mosier, Oregon. What’s most important is to listen deeply to the land itself, the magic itself,… Continue reading Plant an Ancient Star Garden


What’s National Unicorn Day? Video

Uni, the ancient wise unicorn, has a message of love from the unicorns. Feel your unicorn and its friends circle around you to uplift your frequencies to the highest love and light. All your human struggles and emotions can transform through the energy of the unicorns. They are soul healers and can help you heal… Continue reading What’s National Unicorn Day? Video


Harvesting Joy in the Unicorn Garden

The Unicorn Garden has become a supremely liberating project. Planting my seeds of intention in the dirt in the spring I waited patiently, and not so patiently, for something to grow. Months later the harvest is extraordinary! I feel the harvest in my soul and in those that visit the garden. I sit and weep… Continue reading Harvesting Joy in the Unicorn Garden


Mama Dragon Attends Fairy Tea Party

The fire elementals asked me to host a tea party to activate the FIRE elemental horseshoe altar in the Unicorn Garden. This is one of the four horseshoes that represent a hoof of the spirit horse that left its shoe behind to ascend into unicorn status. The garden is horseshoe shaped and growing with calendula,… Continue reading Mama Dragon Attends Fairy Tea Party


Blessing the Giant Horseshoes

Camilla’s writings on the process of co-creating magical gardens with the nature spirits and elementals. This morning I felt the unicorns tuck at me to get me out of bed. “Noooo! Too early!!” They tucked some more. “OK, I’m getting up.” I threw on a sweater and coat and hat and gathered my abalone shell,… Continue reading Blessing the Giant Horseshoes