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Womb Magnetism

The Beginning Source of all of Creation centers in the cosmic womb and in the wombs of women. This is the source place of the body where Creation arises. This creation energy feeds and envisions a new earth, an earth that is steeped in creative flow. Creation energy is the most powerful energy there is.… Continue reading Womb Magnetism

Unicorn Garden

Mama Dragon Attends Fairy Tea Party

The fire elementals asked me to host a tea party to activate the FIRE elemental horseshoe altar in the Unicorn Garden. This is one of the four horseshoes that represent a hoof of the spirit horse that left its shoe behind to ascend into unicorn status. The garden is horseshoe shaped and growing with calendula,… Continue reading Mama Dragon Attends Fairy Tea Party


Effervescent Medicine

Who said medicine had to be so serious? New kinds of medicine for healing are needed in this time of great change. Joyful, playful, effervescent experiences can fill and nurture our souls and bodies. I hear of more and more miracles. They seem to come when we are at ease and in a state of… Continue reading Effervescent Medicine

Land, Water

How to: Bless Land and Water

Earthwalkers—that's us!—may need a little education on what we can do to connect and care for Mother Earth’s land, trees, plants, and water better.  I've created a Spirit of Land Kit to give you fun and simple ways to care for the earth and open to more beautiful and magical relationships with the spirit in… Continue reading How to: Bless Land and Water

Flower Essences

Are You a Sensitive Plant-Human?

I love the way plants talk to me. Today, I thought I missed my turn but soon eyed a beautiful fully-blooming Sensitive Tree that I needed to see! Several of my clients are using its cousin flower essence—the Sensitive Plant—that I created in Hawaii. They love how it goes to the places in their body… Continue reading Are You a Sensitive Plant-Human?

Flower Essences

Loving and Receiving A Solstice Epiphany

Happy Solstice! It is almost fantasy to think that the world is exploding with colorful blossoms of iridescent and rainbow flowers yet that is what I feel deep inside. My heart breaks open again and again to a new state of elegance—a deeply sublime inner frequency as if to remind me of true paradise in… Continue reading Loving and Receiving A Solstice Epiphany

Flower Essences

Hiding From Self Expression? Try Glacier Lily

The thawing of the ice caps signaling global warming is a metaphor for the thawing of our frozen self-expression. It's time to thaw out your hidden beauty and offer your beautiful self-expression—your service in the world. Watch the movie Frozen and take a few drops of Glacier Lily flower essence in your drinking water! Let… Continue reading Hiding From Self Expression? Try Glacier Lily

Ancestors, Land

Beacon Rock Shares Its Light

  We walked up Beacon Rock to join the walk of the Ancestors, the spirits of land, and the natural elementals.   We walked up Beacon Rock to honor the sacred lands that we now call home… and in that walk, the land became our homelands.   We now claim these lands as our homelands,… Continue reading Beacon Rock Shares Its Light

Mother Earth

Karma with Mother Earth

“We are not here to heal Mother Earth, we are here to heal our relationship with Mother Earth.” We can create instant karma with Mother Earth as we can with other humans by acting against their free-will. This is why asking permission is so important in all our actions and decisions involving Nature, land, water,… Continue reading Karma with Mother Earth

Mother Earth, Plants

Chaos and Fern Sovereignty

Shari loves to dance chaos. She told me that she learned to be with chaos, to honor unpredictability and flow from dancing with chaos during ecstatic dancing—5 rhythms dances of Gabrelle Roth. I danced chaos with Shari and I remembered her words. I began to see how chaos and unpredictability were my allies and how… Continue reading Chaos and Fern Sovereignty