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Meet Your Dragon

Sitting by my Fire Altar, I had a vision of numerous dragons of all shapes, colors, and sizes flying over the garden. They looked sad. They told me they missed their humans. They asked me to help them connect with their humans. Since then I have offered many opportunities for people to meet their personal… Continue reading Meet Your Dragon


Did Your Ancestors Know Dragons?

  Did you know that some of our ancestors had relationships with fire-breathing dragons? No, this is not make-believe. In many cultures, dragons played a key role in animating the element of fire, being earth guardians, and helping protect villages. Some indigenous tribes have creation stories and oral history about their relations with dragons. Dragons… Continue reading Did Your Ancestors Know Dragons?

Ancestors, Elementals

Dragon King Speaks

  “I come in love with love for all of humanity We aren’t always in communication with humans because of the nature of fire and spirit. But, it is time for this communication to open. There is a danger in fearing fire for humanity as it can shut off the vehicle for transformation. We ask… Continue reading Dragon King Speaks


Coronavirus Energy Healing with Air Elementals & Dragons

Recording of an online zoom event March 14th to work with intelligence of the Coronavirus and Air Dragons and Elementals. Join Earth School community for new awareness, discussion, attunement, and meditation to receive insight, personal body healing, and planetary healing. Journey to work with the Air Elementals and Air Dragons to keep contagiousness minimized and… Continue reading Coronavirus Energy Healing with Air Elementals & Dragons

Awakening Relationship w/ Fire Dragons, Earth Gnomes, Air Fairies, Water Mermaids – Audio/Handouts

Create and engage in elemental relationship to manifest a more abundant life. Explore the elementals of Fire, Earth, Air, Water and how to balance them in your body. Meet and connect with elemental beings—dragons, gnomes, fairies, mermaids—that flow with the creation forces of nature. Learn how to be in conscious co-creative relationship with them. Audios and Handouts.

Elementals, Mother Earth

Messages from Fire Dragons

  “We all carry the spirit of a dragon within as we all come through a spark of divine spirit into the body for embodiment. “Dragons” are simply the movement of fire or spirit into form to become physically expressed. At the core of our being is this untouched, beautiful, essence of our spirit. This… Continue reading Messages from Fire Dragons