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Your Gnome Wants to Meet You

The extent of most people’s interaction with gnomes is as a lawn ornament. I am here to tell you not only that gnomes are real but that they are eagerly awaiting being in relationship with you. Consider them as a spirit guide yet elemental in nature—earthy, primal, creative force master beings of the planet. Many… Continue reading Your Gnome Wants to Meet You

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A Gift From Gnomes & Fairies: Mystic Mushroom

I was curious, so I asked the fairies. “Is it possible to be truly altered, or high, by taking a flower essence?” I find essences very subtly and gently altering, but I wondered if it was possible to experience something much stronger like psychedelics. They never answered my question directly, but several months later my… Continue reading A Gift From Gnomes & Fairies: Mystic Mushroom

Awakening Relationship w/ Fire Dragons, Earth Gnomes, Air Fairies, Water Mermaids – Audio

Create and engage in elemental relationship to manifest a more abundant life. Explore the elementals of Fire, Earth, Air, Water and how to balance them in your body. Meet and connect with elemental beings—dragons, gnomes, fairies, mermaids—that flow with the creation forces of nature. Learn how to be in conscious co-creative relationship with them.

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5D Abundance: Earth Relationship is Pure GOLD

This post is from my e-newsletter. You can signup for the newsletter here or learn more about the Earth School online course below. Our relationship with the earth is GOLD!  It is precious, abundant, and full of riches. Mother Earth is like that. Rooting energetically into her new 5D foundation allows us to build a… Continue reading 5D Abundance: Earth Relationship is Pure GOLD

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How Elizabeth Manifested a Magical New Home

As Elizabeth and I connected with the Overlighting Deva of the Land, there was a huge influx of pure angelic light that overwhelmed us both. Wow! My heart opened wide and an incredibly beautiful angelic being came forward and greeted my client. The spirit conveyed to Elizabeth that she was going through a process of… Continue reading How Elizabeth Manifested a Magical New Home

Earth School

Awaken to the Wisdom of the Grandmothers. Empower yourself by cultivating magical co-creative relationship with land and spirit. • ONLINE CLASSES• SACRED EARTH CONNECTION (self-study online & optional support zoom calls w/ Camilla)• GRANDMOTHER LODGE (community zoom) • MENTORSHIP • EVENTS Ground into the spirit of home and your body, here on earth. Cultivate relationship with… Continue reading Earth School