Earth School

Earth Honoring Protocols • Land Clearing • Nature Elementals • Flower Essences • Magical Fairy Gardens • Land Altars

On 11/11/2018, Earth School was created to teach and carry forward old sacred practices and new earth ways of honoring, clearing, and giving back to Mother Earth in her time of transition. We teach empowering intuitive techniques, tools, land rituals, and use of flower essences to help awaken the spirit of land and connect more deeply with our mastery. We are not here to heal Mother Earth, we are here to heal our relationship with Mother Earth and take loving care of land, water, plants, animals, elementals, nature spirits, ourselves, and each other. Earth School offers Intro Workshops, Earth Camps, Earth Mystery School, and other workshops.

Intro Workshop ~

Land Honoring, Clearing, Giving Back

Have you ever wanted to learn how to honor, clear, and give back to land?Learn key foundational earth honoring and connecting practices in this introductory workshop. Align, connect, meet nature elementals and spirits of land, and practice safe and protective protocols that open you to the mystical worlds of nature in your own backyard.

3 hours

To attend, host, or organize an introductory land workshop, please contact Camilla.  775-721-0358   Facebook: Camilla Blossom Bishop

2-day Earth Camps ~

2-day Earth Camps link for more info

JUNE Issaquah, WA

JULY Port Townsend/Chimicum, WA

Land Honoring

Foundational Protocols of Land Honoring

Land Honoring of Ancestors, Elementals, Spirits of Land

Land Clearing (prerequisite: Land Honoring)

Land Energy Clearing

Elemental Land Alchemy

Giving Back (prerequisite: Land Honoring)

Co-Creating Magical Fairy Gardens

Co-Creating Land Altars

Elemental Ceremony


Earth Mystery School ~

link for more info

10-month program begins September 2019

Private Mentorship ~ 

link for more info 

Custom scheduling and location.

Other Workshops ~

link for more info

Elemental Ceremony/Tea Parties (air fairies, earth gnomes, fire dragons, water mermaids)

Water Ceremony

Land Blessing & Clearing Ceremony

Ancestor Honoring Ceremony

Spirit of Pine & Basket Making

White Bear Ceremony

Flower Essence Alchemy

Essence of Pele ~ Empowering Feminine Fire (Big Island, Hawaii)