Embodiment of Women’s Pleasure with Queen of Hibiscus


At the urging of Pele, I made a flower essence from different colored blossoms of the beautifully expressive hibiscus flower. I journeyed down to the ocean to infuse the volcanoes and ocean energies into this essence.

Last night, I dreamt that the yellow flowers danced in my pelvis.

I first made hibiscus essence in Maui 8 years ago. Now, the Big Island’s powerful volcano Goddess Pele called it forth for us women to heal. She is calling us to heal… with the Queen of Hibiscus.

Connecting with Queen of Hibiscus is a vital step towards healing our sensual and sexual power. Hibiscus Flower Essence opens us to become dynamically receiving, beautifully expressive, and honoring of full body experiences. Click here to learn more and purchase this healing elixir.

A message from the Queen of Hibiscus:

“I am an ancient carrier of the sacred wisdom of Hawaii and the deep honoring of the body, your body.

We hold the original source of light for women’s bodies (and men’s feminine aspects)

to remember who you are from the beginning source before beliefs shifted.

The original elegance of grounding your yonis was beautiful and pure and easier.

Birth was more magical and natural.

Now we can remember our yoni’s soft wisdom and nature,

our original happiness with our bodies as women,

and reclaim ourselves.”


Interested in learning more about the sexual healing of flowers? The Local Rose just published an article I co-wrote that goes in depth about Flower Essences & Sexuality.

Camilla Blossom Bishop

Camilla Blossom Bishop

I love to engage in relationship with the unseen realms of nature and founded Earth School to teach others how to awaken their intuitive nature and co-create with land and nature spirits.

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