Eruptional? Here’s Your Remedy

What would be the best flower essence to offer at a Volcano Goddess Pele and Fire Dragons event? Mock Orange came forward as a calmer of volcanic inner emotions. Learn more in this excerpt from my book, Sacred Spirit of the Gorge: Columbia River Gorge Flower Essences & Essences of Place.

Mock Orange

Philadelphus lewisii

Affirmation of the Wildflower: “I am one-of-a-kind”

Element: Air, Water

AuthenticityEmotional Balance Feminine/Women CreativityHarmonyInner-essence Nourishment • Originality • Purification • Purpose • Self-expression • Selfhood • Self-image • Stubbornness • Chakra 2 (sacral)

Balanced: harmonious and healthy self-image and ability to nurture emotional health

Numerous delightful and sweetly fragrant white blossoms spill from this unique small tree. Mock Orange may seem like a wanna-be Orange Blossom, yet she teaches that there is no need to aspire to be like another when your originality is a gift to the world.

It’s hard to believe this wild bushy tree carries such a profusion of heady, fragrant flowers that look like a halo of white protection surrounding her branches. Her wood is used to make arrows. She told me, “Our blossoms create a halo of spiritual connection if you stand under the blossoms and allow us to transfer our wisdom and nourishment to you.”

The spirit of this plant is no wanna-be or mock anything. She’s the real deal. Authentic. She thrives with a very clear self-identification. She knows who she is. And, says it like it is. “My being nature is free from ties of emotionality. I don’t need it—the drama. Just let me be me in peace. Then I’m happy.”

When emotions get bottled up inside, we don’t feel well. Stuck emotions may surface in our communication and behaviors in unhealthy ways or create disease if held inside. Mock Orange flower essence is indicated when we repress or suppress our emotions. In addition, it will help those that feel depleted, or starved, from lack of receiving juicy feminine spiritual nourishment. This Devas wants to help us receive what we are missing and find renewal of our emotional health.

Using the flower essence strengthens awareness of our identity—who we are and how we can be ourselves. False-identities that result from childhood and cultural conditioning can unravel. Our unique essential essence is our gift. Like a flower, each one of us vibrates with a beautiful and unique frequency. The flower essence helps us blossom in our own truth and recognize our inner-beauty. More harmony is made available to be our feminine nature.

I took Mock Orange before bed so I could learn more about its medicine. I dreamed I killed someone! I woke up disturbed by my nightmare but got the message it was a metaphor for emotions trapped in my psyche that needed to be released. The dream revealed that when my emotions were pent up and stewing within, a violent eruption could result. My releasing dream, and another one a few days later, gave me an opportunity to shed deep repressed emotions through the dreamtime. I also noticed my desire to be more honest in my communication with others about what worked for me and what didn’t.

  • Heather took some Mock Orange flower essence and immediately felt her heart blooming with love. As she continued taking the essence she felt a stillness and peace and the ability to step out and let her stories dissipate. She wrote, “The Deva is helping me trust and not be afraid to look at my emotions knowing my core is sweet and beautiful.”
  • Ellie didn’t fit in anywhere as a child. She didn’t resonate with anything that was mirrored back to her. She tuned into the idea that Mock Orange was about Unity Through Diversity—a world where we could honor and cherish our differences. She added, “Wouldn’t that be amazing!” She always tells her son: “You are perfect the way you came in.” Ellie wrote, “In regards to Mock Orange and releasing of a relationship, I needed a knowing of who I am in my own uniqueness. What I released was the drama and expectation of others which is sometimes hard to do when there is an emotional connection. We feel responsible for the other person’s happiness or experience. It clouds our own perception of our true nature. I was ready to let go of other’s judgements about me, because I know I am my own unique, radiant being and that in itself is enough. Until I found my own center, though, I was often affected by how other people close to me felt. Mock Orange flower essence helps with self image in this way, so that one can feel comfortable in one’s own skin.”


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Camilla Blossom Bishop

Camilla Blossom Bishop

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