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Womb Magnetism

The Beginning Source of all of Creation centers in the cosmic womb and in the wombs of women. This is the source place of the body where Creation arises. This creation energy feeds and envisions a new earth, an earth that is steeped in creative flow. Creation energy is the most powerful energy there is.… Continue reading Womb Magnetism

Grandmothers, Water

Message From Spirit Grandmothers

this message holds truth through time... (through Camilla, January 25, 2012) “Women will lead the way in honoring the new spaces we are moving into. We must follow the women, the girls, the grandmothers. The feminine inherently knows how to nurture." "Follow the feminine guidance within yourself whether you are a man or woman. Your… Continue reading Message From Spirit Grandmothers

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Book Excerpt: Caring for Water with Ambrella The Mermaid

Enjoy reading the first chapter of Caring for Water with Ambrella The Mermaid by Camilla Blossom Bishop. You can also read the book's Introduction here. Brittany wrote... "The book is sooooo delightful!!!! It is beautiful and playful, full of lush and radiant imagery! I love the ending! Love it all! It flows nicely with the changing… Continue reading Book Excerpt: Caring for Water with Ambrella The Mermaid

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Drumming Strengthens the Heartbeat

  The Drum Synchronize your heartbeat to the heartbeat of Mother Earth. Boom. Boom. Boom. Boom. The drumbeat connects us with our heartbeat and the heartbeat of Mother Earth. Use a drum or sticks on the earth or trees to drum. Drumming strengthens our hearts, the rhythm of our heartbeat, and our ability to heal… Continue reading Drumming Strengthens the Heartbeat