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Weaving a New Life with Pine Needles

I feel like I am weaving a new life as I create my pine needle basket from fallen pine needles outside my home. I feel the spirit of the pine merge with me in sweet gratitude as I weave in the tree’s essential nature. Ponderosa Pine’s guardian spirit creates sacred and gentle space—a space of non-judgment.… Continue reading Weaving a New Life with Pine Needles

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Sacred Spirit Deck

​ It's been a dream of mine for 15 years to create these expanded and professionally designed and printed wildflower medicine cards. I am so grateful I can now offer them. Thank you to designer Andrea Dombecki) and Gamecrafters. I have grown to love these wildflowers and trees and sacred places deeply over many years… Continue reading Sacred Spirit Deck

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“Pop Up” Manifestation with Unicorns and Rainbows

Three friends described a common and surprising experience of “popping up” into a space above veils of illusion. It was at this time that the spirit of the unicorn… and rainbows began coming into readings with clients I was seeing for intuitive or flower essence healing. What’s with the unicorns? I was seeing them too…… Continue reading “Pop Up” Manifestation with Unicorns and Rainbows

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Soul of Plants Interview with Camilla

from Cate Stillman's website... If you’re lucky, every now and then you may come across a true medicine woman. I lucked out about 10 years ago, when Camilla and I cross paths at a Wellness Festival at an Idaho ski resort. She was the real deal…and I knew it from her plant medicines. We traded… Continue reading Soul of Plants Interview with Camilla

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Are You a Sensitive Plant-Human?

I love the way plants talk to me. Today, I thought I missed my turn but soon eyed a beautiful fully-blooming Sensitive Tree that I needed to see! Several of my clients are using its cousin flower essence—the Sensitive Plant—that I created in Hawaii. They love how it goes to the places in their body… Continue reading Are You a Sensitive Plant-Human?