Sacred Spirits of Gaia – Oracle Deck


Foster Relationship with Fairies, Elementals, Ancestors, and Spirits of Land. Meet earth spirits, receive attunement and nature connection rituals. 44 card deck, booklet, box. Free shipping in USA.


Co-Creating with Fairies, Elementals, Ancestors, & Spirits of Land

(formerly Fairy Activism Deck)

Meet sacred earth spirits of Gaia, receive attunement, and practice nature connection rituals.

Activate your relationship with the Fairy Realms and all the seen and unseen spirits of Mother Earth. Whether you want personal healing, nature connection, magical gardens, or land honoring practices, the spirits of land are waiting to co-create with you!

Pick a card, meet an ally, and offer a ritual to awaken your connection. See nature from a new perspective. Working with these cards will catalyze reciprocity by attuning you to land honoring practices of giving back and receiving.

Co-creating with the spirits of Gaia catalyzes you to move forward in nurturing the planet and relating and interacting with beings of nature. We are creating new realities with our thoughts, beliefs, and actions. Working with the deck ushers in a new earth full of love, gratitude, and respect for all of life. Discover your unique role.

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