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Ceremony to Deepen Bee Relations

Why were the bees asking me to lead a ceremony for them? Several days before the ceremony, I was intuitively informed that the Bee Nation wanted a death ceremony or an honoring for the bees that had passed over. What a beautiful gesture to bring community together to offer love and support to honey bees.  A group… Continue reading Ceremony to Deepen Bee Relations

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Flowers Are Bodhisattvas

During a 5 Rhythms dance, an orchid gave me a message… Flowers are bodhisattvas. They bloom until there is no more suffering on earth. Plants are “givers.” They give, give, give to humanity in every way imaginable—food, medicine, shelter, healing, celebration, spiritual evolution, and more. Like Quan Yin, flowers have endless compassion for our human… Continue reading Flowers Are Bodhisattvas

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Why Do Ceremony?

As I write this, I was given insider information that key indigenous leaders just gathered and are expressing deep concern for our planet because of what is going on in Japan (and hidden from the public). It is crucial to focus on ourselves and our planet RIGHT NOW! Focus on the world knowing the Truth.… Continue reading Why Do Ceremony?