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Make Your Spirit Soar by Awakening Land

My purpose as a Land Alchemist is to offer land clearing, transformation, and create a bridge of human-nature communication to awaken land. I want to be on land that makes my spirit soar. I want to be part of raising the level of vibrational energy. Land Alchemy practices help awaken new awareness of land and offer… Continue reading Make Your Spirit Soar by Awakening Land

Ancestors, Elementals, Land, Mother Earth

How to Enter and Honor Land

In this blog post, I want to share how to use two foundational practices— giving offerings and asking permission—because they are key to honoring relationship with nature and lands. These protocols will also awaken deeper connection with nature. Whether you are getting to know the fairies in your backyard garden, walking in the forest to… Continue reading How to Enter and Honor Land

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Empowering a Magical Life Through Relationship with Land

I am now embarking on the work I was born to do! I wonder at times why it took so long to be ready. Maybe the world wasn’t ready for this land work either. Maybe I needed to gather all the sacred medicine teachings within my being, open to my ancestor lineage gifts, release interfering… Continue reading Empowering a Magical Life Through Relationship with Land

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Womb Magnetism

The Beginning Source of all of Creation centers in the cosmic womb and in the wombs of women. This is the source place of the body where Creation arises. This creation energy feeds and envisions a new earth, an earth that is steeped in creative flow. Creation energy is the most powerful energy there is.… Continue reading Womb Magnetism

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Remembering Your Fairy Roots

Do you believe in fairies? If you do, congratulations! Among our wider culture, fairy belief in adults appears taboo. People may admit privately that they believe in fairies, mermaids, and unicorns, but most are uncomfortable speaking out about it. It has taken me some time to feel comfortable being a voice for nature spirits, but… Continue reading Remembering Your Fairy Roots

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Weaving a New Life with Pine Needles

I feel like I am weaving a new life as I create my pine needle basket from fallen pine needles outside my home. I feel the spirit of the pine merge with me in sweet gratitude as I weave in the tree’s essential nature. Ponderosa Pine’s guardian spirit creates sacred and gentle space—a space of non-judgment.… Continue reading Weaving a New Life with Pine Needles

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Ghost Healing to Honor Land and Receive Lineage Gifts

As a child, I was afraid of ghosts yet checked out library books about them and awoke in the middle of the night frightened. I knew spirits of the dead were real even though my mother said otherwise. Now, I find It is an honor to connect with people’s ancestors—the ghosts of their family lineage.… Continue reading Ghost Healing to Honor Land and Receive Lineage Gifts