The Important of You

Each one of us is vitally important in these times to bring through new, magical, and loving fields of energy for the earth. Every small act, every small way we can be present, and every form of expression we choose makes significant impact on inviting wholeness to our world. Know this. It will bring hope during chaotic times.

Our magic and spirit is the balm and beauty of the New Dawn, a time of quickening for the earth and humanity’s evolution. The capacity to which each one of us can form strong bonds of relationship will create strongly woven communities. When we circle with other humans, the spirits of land, the ancestors, and the unseen realms, codes of light are transferred to activate our soul gifts and fully conscious humanity.

The earth will call us to people, plants, land, and spiritual relationship to restore lost connections and remember who we are. We are awakening together.




Camilla Blossom Bishop

Camilla Blossom Bishop

I love to engage in relationship with the unseen realms of nature and founded Earth School to teach others how to awaken their intuitive nature and co-create with land and nature spirits.

Ready to feel more connected to Nature?

Check our Earth School’s free guide 13 Fairy-Approved Simple Rituals for Home & Land Harmony!


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