Ancestors, Land, Mother Earth

Earthwalker Essence from Sedona

I created this essence several years ago during a sacred vision quest journey of walking the land in Sedona, Arizona. A few key astrological lines of my Libran birth run through Sedona—Venus (the feminine in all expressions) and Pluto (master of transformation and the right use of power). My 'medicine' that I bring through my… Continue reading Earthwalker Essence from Sedona

Fairies, Flower Essences

Flower Whispering

message from the flower... “We feel very fortunate to have you listen… not many do that. You ears are our eyes. We use your senses to decipher this world though energy exchanges. Thank you for being part of that. We want to call your attention to the Nature Beings that are all around us. They… Continue reading Flower Whispering