Blessing the Giant Horseshoes

Camilla’s writings on the process of co-creating magical gardens with the nature spirits and elementals.

Heather in 1st Horseshoe Garden.
Camilla resting in another horseshoe.

This morning I felt the unicorns tuck at me to get me out of bed. “Noooo! Too early!!” They tucked some more. “OK, I’m getting up.” I threw on a sweater and coat and hat and gathered my abalone shell, desert sage, offering bag, and fairy rattle and headed for the Unicorn Ascension Garden/Horseshoe Gardens I am working on.

The horseshoe shapes look magnificent in the dirt: five total. You see a large one on entering the garden and four arranged as if a huge spirit horse left its shoes on the earth … to ascend into unicorn-hood. The four horseshoes point West and lay beyond the medicinal herbal garden.

Using my rattle, I sang a Chumash welcoming song and then a song that came to me in a dream:

High on the hills of Prairie Star where the unicorns prance and the people dance. High on the hills of Prairie Star where the unicorns dance and the people prance. The fairies are calling us home. The fairies are calling us home.

My magical fairy rattle is made from a large dried lotus seedpod attached to a driftwood handle. I covered each hole with a jingle bell and the handle with crystals and plant materials. The rattle seems to have the ability to reach into the fairy realms and help me connect easier particularly because fairies love songs and when I use the rattle I naturally want to sing. The songs are often made-up in the moment. This delights the nature spirits most. Rattles are also useful for breaking up old energy and clearing, refreshing, and renewing garden spaces and lands.

I gave offerings to all five of the dirt horseshoes using dried flowers, corn meal, and mica. I call mica earth glitter because it is a mineral, sparkly and catches light and floats in the wind, and is biodegradable. The nature spirits love it! Anything that glitters is gold.

Offerings are a great physical demonstration of your prayers and blessings. Nature spirits, elementals, and the Ancestors and guardians of land love them and receive the gifts with deep gratitude. When we give and care for a place, the spirits of nature want to bless us and give back with even more energy, abundance, and healing. I have experienced huge rushes of energy back to me many times.

This is how I blessed the earth for the seeds to grow. It is also how I am creating relationships with the spirit of the lands and unicorns, gnomes, fairies, mermaids and other nature spirits and elementals.

Heather playing in dirt.

I smudged each horseshoe with desert sage smoke from the nearby desert to clear the old energies away and bless the garden with protective energies of higher frequencies.

Walking on the lands around the garden took me high on the hill with a stunning view of the Columbia River and surrounding hills. It also showed me a cloud of smoke—no, it wasn’t smoke but a cloud of herbicide or something being applied to surrounding Mosier cherry orchards.

Instead of going into judgment about the situation, I chose to address the land’s elementals and nature spirits and other spirits that could strengthen the lands ability to remain intact energetically and physically with a sphere of protection. Katie and I had already worked on this protective energetic field but I asked the spirits to enhance the field to counter or neutralize the affects from chemicals or sprays that may drift towards us.

I realize this practice demands a certain high level of trust in spirit to do this work. Yes, that is true. And, I believe we are way more powerful than we think we are. Many humans serve as a bridge between the material and spiritual world. If everything is energy, then why not use vibrational energy medicine or Nature Spirit Medicine for the protection and renewal of the lands and our hearts.


Tend your garden as you are tending your soul.



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Camilla Blossom Bishop

Camilla Blossom Bishop

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