Equinox Reading: Water Dragon


Water Dragon card was drawn in a March 19th 2022 Equinox Reading. See Video: Equinox Oracle Reading + Guided Journey with Fairies, Sidhe, Elementals.

The following is an excerpt from my upcoming book: Sacred Spirits of Gaia: Co-Creating with Fairies, Elementals, Ancestors, & Spirits of Land

Water Dragon 

Become Crystalline Light

I am an Elemental Guardian of Water and Primordial Force of Creation. I spiritualize into crystalline light. I harmonize precious wells, springs, rivers, lakes, and seas by enlightening, mesmerizing, and oxygenating water molecules. I spiral-swim powerfully to serve this purpose—up and down, back and forth. I carry emotional truths through imprinted memories and Codex of Creation for these evolutionary times.


Make a space for rebirth! [Creating an alter]

 We love to swim around and within your energy and transform with our blue-green magical nature.

Place shells and statues for a water altar.

Place clear quartz crystals in a circle and put two pearls in the center as my eyes.

When you need to welcome flow because resistance or fear arises, sit by my altar and receive.

Let your body feel my swimming movements so you can experience my energy and the patterns I create.

 Watch the directions I swim and what symbols are created.

These are clues to the energy that is needed for your body and soul right now.

Welcome my watery ways.

Receive the flowing patterns as medicine.

 Water Dragon

During a visit to the banks of the Colorado River, I met a huge elemental Water Dragon. After connecting, I started to walk away from the riverbank, but I felt something gripping my shirt sleeve. I was being pulled back to the river’s edge by a Water Dragon! Okay. I’m here. What do you want to show me? The beautiful golden and red Water Dragon danced in a vertical spiral on the water. Around and around it spiraled as if to confirm that the flow of the water wheelaltars we had created were in sync with what the elementals needed. The Water Dragon then showed me the circulation of energy it created as it swam in spirals horizontally up and down the large river in order to keep the energy of water oxygenated and flowing. It felt like a confirmation of our water wheels, a thank you, and an encouragement to continue and share information about water.

Water Dragon communicated the importance of simple actions like coming down to the water with gratitude. Your actions make a huge difference to the elementals and spirits of water. They feel and experience your human appreciation and gratitude deeply. Your love and appreciation is actually food for the elemental spirits. It gives them more energy. With more energy, elementals can take care of waterways and deal with challenges facing water. The dragon suggested more celebrations and spiral dancing near waterways that included children. This is a perfect example of how we co-create with nature elementals.

If you look at a map, the Columbia River moves and flows like a water dragon swimming West back to the meet the ocean mother. Right before it reaches home, the dragon’s neck rises north and its head is held high for the final lap. During a powerful full moon trip to the Washington Coast, I camped at the mouth of the Columbia River—the mouth of the Dragon. The fresh waters of Wimahl River (Chinook) flow for 1,200 miles until they meet the sea. The mouth is a place the Chinook call kah’eese. Where the sweet waters mix with seawater it is surprisingly calm and wildly turbulent. Rather like a dragon.

I have met a Water Dragon in the Columbia River, too. It was summer solstice on the Columbia River and the Water Dragon revealed itself in the powerful windswept steel blue swells. I had gathered a group of healers that were attuned to the waters, and we made offerings to the waters by Viento Park near Hood River, Oregon. We sang water songs. As we sang, I had a vision of the Columbia River Dragon beginning to show itself and animate the river with its beauty, colors, power, and magic. I like to see what colors appear as that gives me more information about a dragon. I saw green and red scales. And, the Water Dragon was lulled by the magical songs we sang.

In particular, the Columbia River Water Dragon seemed to love the voice of one of the women. I encouraged her to keep singing her songs. I told her to sing to the Water Dragon and it would connect with her energetically. We could feel a powerful exchange of love and energy transferring back and forth between them. It felt so exquisitely beautiful. We were all mesmerized by this encounter. I realized that different places, dragons, and people may have special affinities for each other.

Dragons prefer working with people who have a pure heart. They will be very loyal and committed to relationship with you in service as guardians of Gaia. They love to re-connect with those souls who have worked with them before or have been initiated as dragon-keepers. Many people are opening to relationships with dragons now. It is best to approach them with a strong intent if you wish to engage in relationship with them. Some have experienced hard times when they were neglected, covered over with pollution or human emotional debris, or used to manipulate and cast fear over others. We do not want to subject them to that fate again.

Humans and dragons are ideal co-creative partners who want to work together to heal, harmonize, watch over, and make energetic repairs to the Mother Earth, the Grids, and elements. Some of you are even dragon healers. I had a Water Dragon come to me for help when I was teaching a student apprentice at St Cloud’s Wayside along the Columbia River. The blue dragon was sad and emotionally congested. It had energy on its body that hindered its work for the waters. We were guided to offer some energy healing work for the Water Dragon. It accepted help gladly. It was quite remarkable to witness and experience the shift of energy as we supported the blue Water Dragon in clearing emotional energy congestion and debris from its energy body. It was very grateful to have the help and flew off in a happy state of freedom.

Dragons are waiting to connect with their human companions. I’ve had visions of a sky full of flying dragons that came to me to say they really, really wanted to connect with their humans. That is why I like to teach people about them and try to introduce humans and dragons to each other. Yet, I realize not everyone is meant to engage with these powerful, enlightened beings. If you want to work with them, you will feel called or magnetically attracted to them.

The Big Island of Hawaii is called Isle of Dragons. When I first visited, I came to offer water ceremony. I met kahunas, healers, light workers, Lemurian Grandmothers, and medicine people for ceremony to honor the waters with the Hawaiian children at the ancestral lands near Kealakekua Bay. We honored the waters and elevated our prayers for the earth across from an ancient Lemuria beach. During this time, I had a number of powerful dragon experiences. The most powerful was visiting South Beach with friends. Each one of us has a strong dragon-keeper soul energy imprint. What we found on the beach blew us away.

Amaya was walking along the beach and found a huge rock the size and shape of a dragon skull! She waved us over and we began looking at the unusually shaped rock. We came to the same conclusion that this volcanic stone embedded with green glassy olivine was a petrified dragon skull in its final resting place. We were overcome by the realization and began honoring the dragon and listening to its spirit. It communicated that it formerly worked to connect the volcano with the ocean and circulated energy in the South of the island. We thanked it for its work.

Shortly afterwards, I was walking with Amaya back to our rental place and a woman followed us up the stairway. We stopped and decided to chat with her. Out of the blue she began telling us that some humans have the same DNA as elemental dragons. (Just to be clear, we are not talking about the dark dragons sometimes called “Draco” or “reptilian” but elemental nature dragons.) Who was this woman? She was a messenger, obviously. Later that day, Amaya and I created a Seven Dragon Eye Altar on the beach to celebrate our connection with Dragons.

During a 2022 meditation with a friend Liz, of Chinese heritage, we connected our consciousness with the Goddess Quan Yin. I felt her lovely, subtle feminine light infuse my body, and then I asked to tune into the Water Dragon she rides. This dragon has always intrigued me. As I opened, I entered the dragon’s world and greater light poured into my body and heart. I felt expansive and full of golden Christ consciousness energy. The dragon began communicating.

Quan Yin’s dragon told me it was depicted in art as a symbol of illusion. Quan Yin was seen piercing the illusion (the dragon) by riding it… or taming it. The dragon told me a different story. The Water Dragon is the piercer into the heart of illusion. That is what dragons do. You do not need to tame dragons, you need to co-create with them. They told me telepathically that they are Keepers of the Light of humanity and Gaia. Dragons offer enlightenment.

As I infused this wisdom into my body, I saw golden dragons everywhere. They were moving and flowing and dancing and communicating. Many of them had been slumbering but had recently awakened and were ready to work with humanity. They want to work with all of you as guardians and guides to your ascension process. They are here to weave healing and co-creative magic in the process of ascension for yourself and your precious planet.

Water Dragons are master healers of your emotional fields and bring awareness to what is under the surface. Being under water represents your subconscious mind or the part of you hidden from conscious awareness. One way they work is through color—rainbows. The full spectrum of frequencies contained in colorful rainbows is a very balancing remedy. Since crystalline energy loves rainbow plays of color, there is a watery attunement with this kind of healing. Rainbows are commonly seen in water bubbles, crystals, raindrops, dew, waterfalls, rain clouds, and other water sources. This plays into the interaction and interchanges between the different elementals and the elements they work with.

I describe elemental dragons in this book as water, fire, earth, air, yet many elementals contain a blending of one, two, or even three elements. For example, Water Dragons may carry fire energy to sparkle up their energy and give water more spiritual energy. Water Dragons need air to oxygenate and create effervescence in the waters. In addition, elemental dragons work well together to bring balance and harmony to waters, lands, planetary healing and guardianship, and all their endeavors.

You can connect with a Water Dragon ally. Water Dragons are very nurturing as loved ones. Some people have Water Dragon Guardians and Guardian Dragons of every element. Feel free to request a meeting with your Water Dragon. I recommend you try the rituals below to engage with these beautiful beings of light.

Co-Creating with Water Dragons

  • Water Dragon Ritual

Visit the largest body of water nearby. Ask to connect with me to attune to the elemental power of water. Dance walk in a spiral pattern. At the center, face your palms towards me. Watch or feel for my movements.

  • Emotional Healing with Water Dragon

Water Dragons are great emotional healers. If you tend to pick up energy from those around you, your environment, or are going through an emotional healing process, call upon a Water Dragon to assist you. Water Dragon have assisted me and numerous clients in healing our energy body, chakra system, and auric field especially the emotional body and womb or hara creation center.

Imagine Water Dragons swimming through your energy body with white and blue cleansing light washing away anything that is not yours or no longer needed. Let yourself feel the flow of water as it purifies like a waterfall as Water Dragon circulates rainbow light water droplets as magical pure source energy.

  • Altar & Invocation: Connecting with Water Dragon

Create an altar for Water Dragons by selecting a place by water or somewhere that you can place a bowl of water. Invite calming and healing energy. Welcome Water Dragons to help guide you as you gather objects, stones, crystals, art for the altar. Feel free to take some time to sit quietly and ask what they want on the altar that would honor them. Let communication flow into your emotional body and stream of consciousness. Feel into all possibilities. Say the following out loud at your altar to honor and call in a Water Dragon.

• Invocation: Calling in a Water Dragon

I give my offering of Love to the Water Dragon of these waters

Please receive my gift with gratitude and appreciation for your power, beauty, presence, and song

I ask for permission to connect with you and your waters

I wish to learn about you, listen to you, and bring myself into alignment with you

I wish to be of service to you and Water Dragons everywhere

Show me how to honor your service as a conduit of higher light and healing frequencies

Show me how I can be of service as a conduit of light and healing for Water Dragons

Thank you for connecting with me today.

After the invocation, spend time feeling into any messages, visions, healing experiences, offerings you’d like to make, or simply rest into the energy. Open to ways you can assist the waters of Mother Earth.

When you finish your ritual, release the Water Dragon:

Thank you, Water Dragon for connecting with me today

I am very grateful

I ask that we release our energetic ceremony at this time

May you return to your perfect place

Thank you!

Camilla Blossom Bishop

Camilla Blossom Bishop

Hi, I am Camilla. I am a medicine woman, land alchemist, flower essence alchemist, spiritual way shower, mentor, and messenger for the wisdom of the Grandmothers, Divine Mother, and sacred feminine creative source energy of Mother Earth. I open and catalyze relationships with sacred spirits of Gaia including nature's Elementals, Fairy, Sidhe, Dragons, Mermaids, Gnomes, Ancestors, lands and waters. I offer online Land Alchemy course, Flower Essence Magic course, mentorship, and a Patreon Portal to empower your energetic and spiritual connection, care, and honoring of Mother Earth.

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