Where Do the Fairies Go?

 “Pave paradise and put up a parking lot.”    —Joni Mitchell

What happens to the nature spirits when land is cleared or developed? Where do devas, fairies, nature spirits, nature elementals go? Can we make this process easier for them? How can we build our homes and develop properties with greater reverence and harmony towards Nature and the spirits that infuse the land?

It doesn’t matter what you call them— fairies, devas, nature spirits, the shining ones, nature elementals, gnomes, elves, Tinkerbell, or energy—the spirit of nature flows through the landscape, places, flowers, plants, trees, land, soil, water. The nature spirits give life to everything! Without these beings, there would be no nature, no earth. They are responsible for the growth and patterning of nature. Fairies are the true developersof the land. When we act blindly, we disregard the harmony of nature, ourselves, and the earth we inhabit.

I drive by land that is being cleared for buildings and feel a sense of loss. Not so much because someone is creating a new home or building, but because it feels like there is little regard for the other forms of life that have lived in harmony in this place for eons. Often the lot is completely cleared of every plant, tree, rock to create a clean slate. What has actually happened is a complete community of nature beings has been displaced. This clean slate may not be so clean! It may be full of discordant energies that came from human interaction without respect. This can disrupt human activities and create distressing vibes or feelings of uneasiness in a place into the future unless something shifts.

There is a stream bank in Hood River, Oregon that was cleared for construction. My gut felt uneasy every time I drove by. I could sense the nature beings and land were screaming out “NO! We do not want you to build here!”They went ahead and built office buildings right next to the stream bank. Within a few weeks of opening the building, a water main broke and flooded the building. The building had to be closed, emptied, and offices re-located for six months because of a serious mold problem. More recently, the building was temporarily closed due to sprinkler system issues. Are the water elementals messing with us to get our attention? Yes!

How can we avoid this? Tomhas Twintreess, a builder of homes aligned with sacred geometry and author of House As Teacher: Building the Future, Now told me he tells home builders to sleep on the land for a week or so before proceeding with any building plans. It helps to slow down, listen to the land, the beings, feel the flow. Be very flexible in every moment of the building process. Shift and change as needed. Find where your home wants to be, not where you want your home to be. This approach is respectful to the land, its purpose, and all who live there.

If you are building a new home or cutting down a tree, it helps to consciously communicate with the nature spirits and release guilt about these human activities. I arrived at a friend’s house as they were cutting a few cottonwood trees to create a better mountain view. Pregnant and feeling very unsettled, Nancy asked me what we could do? She loved the fairies and nature spirits but felt helpless in this situation.

Before her husband cut the trees, we created a circle around the trees and said a few prayers of thanks to the fairies and devas for their outstanding work. We also communicated what we were doing—cutting several trees. We offered that they could find new homes, new jobs, or be released to their next assignment. We sent loving intentions for peace and happiness. The shift of energy was palatable. We could feel the strong divine presence of fairies and nature beings in a state of gratitude and peace. The trees were cut. We then collected the cottonwood buds and I made a cottonwood oil for Nancy’s growing belly. The tree gave its final medicine with gratitude, and we received it with gratitude. Nancy felt at peace… and now her child talks to the fairies.

What happens to the nature spirits? They can become disrupted, confused, and even take on emotional energies around them. Many of the fairies that get displaced wander around in a lost state not knowing how to move out of it. In The Dalles, Oregon, I was assisting on a waterfront restoration project and we were working to harmonize some of the riverfront lands when a Deva of the area appeared in a state of confusion. She looked like she was wrapped in gauze. In spiritual communication, I found her in a very weak state. She asked for permission and assistance to move! We were guided that this was appropriate so I offered her this opportunity thinking she just needed help crossing to another section of the property. She entered my special stone and then I placed the stone in my basket. We asked her where she wanted to go. She answered, “to your home by the river.”So… I brought her to my home. In certain cases, assisting with re-location is the best solution.

In 2005, a group of us re-located a large group of fairies and nature beings with R. J. Stewart at Skalitude Retreat Center in the Northern Cascades during the Fairy and Human Relations Congress. Their home on the East Coast was being developed so they needed a new home. They were carried across the country in a flute. As the flute music played, we witnessed a beautiful outpouring of joyful energy into the landscape. One fairy even jumped into my flute! As an update, I heard there was need for a bit of mediation from the land caretakers because of the different types of fairies.

Human action to protect and respect nature is very important! It is acknowledged deeply by nature spirits and Mother Earth herself. There is a beautiful black walnut tree in Hood River, Oregon that was almost cut down by builders, but citizen protest kept it alive. It now stands proudly on the corner of Cascade and 7thnear a row of townhouse adding valuable shade, beauty, and wisdom to this place. I was driving by one day and could “hear” and “feel” incredible waves of love and gratitude from this tree. I pulled over and sat with the tree. The next morning, during my meditation I was guided back to the tree in my mind’s eye. The tree spoke: “Thank you humans for saving me. You have touched me deeply. I will grace this corner for a long time. And remember, your neighbors include more than just people.” 

In Scotland, humans protected a fairy colony by getting the attention of the planning department and going to the site and shouting: “Don’t move that rock. You’ll kill the fairies.”Developers were forced to scrap plans and re-design their whole estate considering the fairy housing areas. In Iceland, President Vigdis and the Chief of Police regard the belief and protection of fairy habitat very important for the harmony of their country. A majority of citizens in Iceland believe in fairies and nature beings.

Another way to learn how to work more cooperatively with nature spirits is to attend the Fairy and Human Relations Congress. Fairies and humans gather to commune and establish deeper connections with one another.

When you have an opportunity to take an action on behalf of the nature spirits don’t hesitate. They will be eternally grateful and grace us with their blessings. Your health, life, and land will be enriched as you create safe, wild places in nature. Even a small wild area on a property adds magical, harmony and balance for everyone. Better yet, reclaim land or places and ask the fairies and nature spirits to return! Listen to the land. Use your imagination to create homes and habitats for them. Give them gifts and offerings and open your heart to connecting with them. Then, be present for some magical changes all around you and on your land.

This is a revision of an article published in 2006.

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