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Slip On a Pair of Fairy Slippers

This magical wild orchid supports you when fear arises due to change. Are you moving? leaving a relationship? going on a new adventure? Just slip on a pair of Fairy Slippers and enter these new worlds with more ease! Here is an excerpt from my flower essence book: Sacred Spirit of The Gorge: Columbia River… Continue reading Slip On a Pair of Fairy Slippers

Mermaids, Mother Earth, Water, Water Devas

Believe in Mermaids… “We are Real.”

I met a mermaid. Her name is Silla. Her tail is reddish, greenish, with golden scales and her hair is golden. Through merging with her in the etheric realms, I got to know extreme pleasure and joy! I swam through the waterfall and waters with her at blinding speed, feeling effervescent bubbles and energies of… Continue reading Believe in Mermaids… “We are Real.”

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Where Do the Fairies Go?

 “Pave paradise and put up a parking lot.”    —Joni Mitchell What happens to the nature spirits when land is cleared or developed? Where do devas, fairies, nature spirits, nature elementals go? Can we make this process easier for them? How can we build our homes and develop properties with greater reverence and harmony towards Nature… Continue reading Where Do the Fairies Go?