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Rebirthing & Reclaiming the Divine Feminine

As soul medicine for our Spirit, gentle lilies address issues of the feminine and women’s worth: creativity, purity, beauty, spiritual sensitivity, sexuality, motherhood, birth, rebirth, grounding, embodiment, receptivity, compassion, and love. Lily flower essences can also transform the emotions or traumas that are held in women’s bodies that effect her cycles, organs, and health.

The number 3 is significant to the lilies as their parts (petals, sepals) always express in multiples of three. In numerology, 3 is a creativity, birth, and communication number. I was guided to call my business 3 Flowers Healing in 1998 in part to be a messenger for the lilies.

The first message I heard from the lilies was: “Lilies give women permission to be women.”

Years later, Tiger Lily shouted, “ Create! Women. Create!”

All lilies bring joyful celebration and the energy of compassion. Lily flower essences offer women (and the feminine within men) a portal to a gentler, more loving, and compassionate way of being as well as a guide to the life of the Divine. The very pure and high frequencies of the lily flowers can nudge out outdated belief structures and are especially helpful for very sensitive and/or feminine souls. Many experience lily essences as bringing a celebratory delight to their delicate sensing and feeling nature and a strong sense of recognizing their own full personal energetic space, sometimes for the first time.

On a physical level, women’s reproductive system may be supported and balanced with lily flower essences by addressing the root emotional causes, beliefs, and spiritual inheritance. The medicine of the lily essences offers a gentle, safe, and natural fluidity that addresses blockages and imbalances in the body—PMS, infertility, menopausal symptoms, and congested or stagnant Qi in the pelvic region.

Like the lily flower, lily-type women (or men) can feel shallowly rooted in the earth. They can be very energetically sensitive and emotional with a pure spiritual nature. It is best for them to avoid extremes and be in situations that help them feel safe. They are gentle and very receptive souls and may be involved with childbirth professions, care-taking, and nurturing roles. Taking flower essences from lilies can help lily types feel more joyful, safe, and able to express themselves. Self-worth and value blooms with the lilies.

All the lily flower essences in this book were created from wild lilies growing in the Columbia River Gorge. These lilies are untamed—wild and free. Most of the year, their essence is stored in a watery bulb underground. After a short booming, they retreat back into the earth and are reborn again the next spring. To me, lily flower essences are sacred waters of the feminine, honoring the beauty of our feeling nature and creative/sexual feminine power. They also may hold the emotion of grief.

The white lilies called to me as I was exploring my essential innocence and pure feminine spirit. White is the color of pure spiritual light, our connection to the divine, and of love of a giving nature. White purifies and softly awakens our gentle and subtle nature. This gentle, softness is so desperately needed on Earth. The purity of the white lilies seemed to erase the shame and guilt women have carried simply because they are women. White lilies re-birth our feminine nature, bodies, and sexuality regardless of our ancestry, past, and what experiences our bodies have encountered.

“In my vision, I saw a Great Pyramid of stone
and from it emerges a giant White Lily.
As it gently blooms, the pyramid crumbled.”

In this time of the “passing of the torch” to the feminine, Helene’s vision feels like a perfect metaphor of the symbolic rebirth of the divine feminine amidst the crumbling of old structures, ie, patriarchy.

from Listening to the Wildflowers: Guide to the Columbia River Gorge Flower Essences by Camilla Blossom


Camilla Blossom Bishop

Camilla Blossom Bishop

Hi, I am Camilla. I am a medicine woman, land alchemist, flower essence alchemist, spiritual way shower, mentor, and messenger for the wisdom of the Grandmothers, Divine Mother, and sacred feminine creative source energy of Mother Earth. I open and catalyze relationships with sacred spirits of Gaia including nature's Elementals, Fairy, Sidhe, Dragons, Mermaids, Gnomes, Ancestors, lands and waters. I offer online Land Alchemy course, Flower Essence Magic course, mentorship, and a Patreon Portal to empower your energetic and spiritual connection, care, and honoring of Mother Earth.

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