Listening to Water Devas: Water Blessing

In Issaquah, Washington, I heard the water deva sing her name: Dieara. So I sang to her creek: Dee -air – A. The water rippled with energy and blissful feelings grew stronger as she was nourished by the vibrations of my song. So was I!

To learn what the water deva wants to be called, ask her. Water devas, fairies, undines, and mermaids/men love us to listen to water. They want us to chant or sing their name back to them.

How do you listen to a water deva?

Simple go to the water’s edge and sit quietly. Let yourself gradually merge with the energy of water. Tune into your feelings. You may feel more and more dreamy. Become the flow, the water, the energy.

Go with it… follow this dreamy feeling into the water devas arms—and her dimension. Imagine, pretend, surrender to her love. Feel whatever you are feeling… you can still listen.

Allow yourself to receive the sounds that emerge from the river, lake, ocean or waterfall.

What sounds do you hear? Open your mouth and let any sound come out. Play wth the sounds. There is no wrong name. This name is a gift to YOU… so you’ll sing or chant back.

Give back to the waters by singing their vibrational songs. Not only will you be feeding life-force to the waters, you will receive good feelings of bliss, pleasure, and joy in return.

Note: Make sure you hold an intention to connect with the devas, fairies, and beneficial spirits of the water! Otherwise you may attract spirits that need help and healing. If you know how to help them, great. Otherwise, create boundaries. Watery beings, including ourselves, need firm boundaries.



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Camilla Blossom Bishop

Camilla Blossom Bishop

I love to engage in relationship with the unseen realms of nature and founded Earth School to teach others how to awaken their intuitive nature and co-create with land and nature spirits.

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