How to Offer a Fairy Gratitude Ritual with Video

To deepen your connection with the spirits of land, offer a simple ritual of gratitude. This practice reaches deep and wide on the landscape and into the hearts of the fairies, elementals, nature spirits, and ancestors. You can do this simple ritual for all the seen and unseen realms of land or focus on one group of beings. For example, fairies. We’ll use fairies as an example since they are very activate at this time of year and will remind you to delight in the summer energies of joy.

Fairy Gratitude Ritual

Step 1Intention

Go out in nature. Focus your intention on offering gratitude. Go ahead and feel your appreciation, gratitude, and caring emotional openness to engage and bless the fairy beings. Extend a rainbow of love to the fairies. Beautiful! You are beaming out rainbow colored energy to all the fairies. The fairies are delighted to receive your energetic offering.

Step 2Imagination

Imagine the fairies all around you… circling, flitting, flying, hovering, standing. Ask them to lead you to the special place where you can bless them. Allow your body to move where the fairies guide you without thinking about it. Where did you land? This is a special place for the fairies, and they are grateful you arrived.

Step 3Be in a State of Gratitude

Continue to beam your gratitude and love to them. Bask in the beauty of the Fairy Area. Speak to the fairies. Tell them how you feel about them. Tell them why you are grateful for their presence. Tell them what you love about them and what they offer. Is it blossoming flowers, the vegetables in your garden, the sunsets, the cloud formations? Share whatever is in your heart. When you feel complete, say goodbye and thank them for spending time with you today.

If you wish to give the fairies a physical offering, ask them what they want. Find it and bring your gift back to them.

Do you feel different after your Fairy Gratitude Ritual? Often simple acts of kindness propel us in amazing ways and open new doors, and that includes how we relate with the unseen realms of land. You have alerted the fairies to your intentions and they are now excited to be allies, guides, helpers, and friends. Whether you see them with your eyes or not, you have made contact and your relationship with them and the spirit of land will never be the same.

Video: How to Offer a Fairy Ritual (5 minutes)

5 minute video


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