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Fairy & Nature Spirit Connection

Sacred Earth Connection is an uplifting, fun, and supportive 8-part Online Course where you will learn to deepen your intuition and enlighten your soul purpose in connection to land, nature, and Mother Earth. Gain the confidence to step further into service as a spiritual earth steward as you remember and reclaim your intuitive gifts and true lineage.

These fun and focused teachings will bring more delight in your interactions with nature as a conscious co-creator in Earth’s ascension and rebirth. Get ready for intuitive awakening, uncovering your inner magic, personal healing, aligning the energy of your body in sacred connection with the earth, and remembering your soul gifts, dear soul friend!

Your teacher, Camilla is known as a catalyst for healers to step into their gifts. She holds space, gently and joyfully, helping to bring FUN into your life as she shares deep earth wisdom. Camilla is delighted to help you awaken your Soul’s remembering and deepen your relationship with Mother Earth. Several of Camilla’s students from her last course are now seeing fairies, gnomes, and unicorns.

If you’re feeling ready to grow in your intuitive gifts as a spiritual ally of the earth, Sacred Earth Connection will illuminate and catalyze your mission. Sign up now and receive free monthly Zoom support calls with Camilla & other students to catalyze your practices.

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The Course Layout

Learn at your own pace from home using videos, audios, written materials, attunements, land rituals, and intuitive techniques you can access anytime from anywhere.

Each Part Deepens Your Relations with the Spirits of Land


This course of earth connection and devotion is self-directed. All 8 parts are instantly accessible anytime online, whether through your mobile, computer, or tablet.


The Land Honoring Kit (optional) is a land altar that includes all the sacred offerings you need to honor land and spirits. This powerful land alter prepared by master flower essence alchemist Camilla creates openings for both personal and planetary healing. The kit is also a way to “diagnose” or tune into what energies the land needs. It’s a treasure box that will take your work deeper, enrich your experience, and enable you to give back to the earth in a hands-on way. The kit is easy to use, and it happens to be FUN! 

The Ethereal Earth Experience that you are stepping into…

Open the door to a magical world of sacred connection. 

The Sacred Grandmothers are here with wisdom to share. They want to enrich your life so that you can increase nature awareness and enhance your Relationship with the Spirits of Land—the seen and unseen realms of nature. Because that’s where the magic lives…in relationship.


“We are the Grandmothers, and we invite you to go on a journey with us. A journey of discovery. Open your creative imagination. Open to magical encounters with the spirits of land, Ancestors, fairies, gnomes, dragons, mermaids, devas, and green realms. We help you return to your home, to the heart of love and belonging, where you know that you are one with the sacred earth and the womb of creation. You will find your heart ablaze when you move into sacred relationship with the lands, the plants, the waters, and unseen spirits of nature.

The spirits of land are calling. They are waiting for you.”  

 Meet Your Instructor aka Your Fairy Guide 

Hi, I’m Camilla

During key points in my life, a nature elemental magically appeared to guide my path and purpose. Each mystical meeting opened a new door: fairies and devas taught me about healing with flowers and trees and how to make flower essences, mermaids taught me how to honor and care for sacred water, gnomes assisting in creating a Findhorn-like nature sanctuary with a Unicorn Garden, and dragons and Goddess Pele initiated me into passionate fire teachings at an active volcano in Hawaii. I awakened into beautiful states of Oneness and discovered that human “medicine” of love, tender care, joy, and enlightenment is what Mother Earth needs most.

I opened Earth School in 2018 to offer sacred feminine wisdom of The Grandmothers and activate and cultivate humanity’s harmonious co-creative relationships with the seen and unseen realms of nature. I offer mentorship, Mystery School, intuitive energy healing, flower essences and education, and teachings of the Grandmothers.

Who This Course is For…

This course is perfect for teachers, healers, leaders, ceremonialists, light-workers, land stewards, land care-takers, farmers, permaculture practitioners, elemental alchemists, and those that love Mother Earth and wish to awaken soul remembering. The course is designed to meet all levels, whether you are a newbie or an experienced planetary healer, you will receive the teachings and energetic transmissions you need most.

Here’s what you’ll learn…

• Awaken a more conscious, co-creative, and respectful relationship with the spirit of land.

• Engage in magical encounters with devas, elementals, fairies, nature spirits, Ancestors, and Mother Earth.

• Open to opportunities to mend and heal your relationship with Mother Earth and your own body.

• Learn important foundational practices to honor land, and yourself, that will open you to the subtle energies and magic of nature’s seen and unseen realms.

• Learn tools, intuitive techniques, and how to practice land rituals to offer energy clearing, harmonize spaces and places, express your unique soul gifts, and offer love for the lands and waters.

• Awaken new connections, new experiences, new awareness, and new ways to be and interact with Nature.

• Build confidence in your ability to honor land and connect in relationship with the subtle energy and spirit of land.

• Conscious co-creative relationships will form, grow, and blossom into beautiful experiences of belonging, harmony, centeredness, and joy in life.

Sacred Earth Connection Course Syllabus:


Part 1 – Opening The Doorway ~ Mother Earth Relationship

Grandmother Message

Mother Earth Relations

Intuitive Exercise/Land Ritual — Mother Earth Connecting

Land Ritual — Making Earth Jewelry

Making Amends & Seeing Your Shadows

Intuitive Exercise — Forgiveness

Meditation —Trine of Abundance

Land Ritual — Creating a Land Altar

Story — Troubled Land Becomes Haven for Horses

Rest and Integrate

Part 2 – Honoring Indigenous Ancestors & Native Land

Grandmother Message

Hearing the Call of The Ancestors

How to Honor Native Lands

The Guide to Honor Native Land

Land Ritual — Honoring Native Lands

Story — Honoring Native Americans in Hood River

Rest and Integrate

Part 3 – Sacred Body Energy Alignment

Grandmother Message

Grounded Foundation

Story ~ Grounding

Intuitive Exercise— Tree-of-Life Grounding

Intuitive Exercise — Clearing Your Auric Field

Intuitive Exercise — Heart Centering

Intuitive Exercise — Aligning with Crystalline Grids

Land Ritual ~ Elemental Balancing

Be a Healthy Receiver

Rest and Integrate


Part 4 – Tools & Techniques

Grandmother Message

Tools and Techniques

Intuitive Technique — Dowsing with a Pendulum

Land Ritual — Offering Flower Essences to Land

Land Ritual — Sound Vibration for Land

Land Ritual — Creating Crystal Grids

Story ~ Mother Earth Wants Pineapple Essence

Story ~ Immediate Relief with Protective Grid

Story ~ Fairies Are Calling Us Home Song

Rest and Integrate


Part 5 – Giving Offerings & Asking Permission

Grandmother Message

Giving Offerings & Asking Permission

Land Ritual —Making an Offering

Land Ritual — Asking Permission to Work with Energies and Spirit of Land

Land Ritual — Make an Offering Mix 

Types of Offerings

Story — Asking Permission

Story — Offerings for Cowlitz Land

Honoring Lands You Visit

Rest and Integration

Part 6 – Cultivating Relations with Spirits of Land

Grandmother Message

Cultivating Relations with Spirits of Land

Intuitive Exercise — Meeting Overlighting Deva of Land 

Intuitive Exercise — Meeting Overlighting Deva of House

Land Ritual — How to Offer a Fairy Gratitude Ritual

Nature Attunement — Fairy Treasure Map

Nature Attunement — Chant to Honor Fairies & Elementals

Meditation — Forming a Land Council

Land Ritual — Invocation for Land

Story — The Land Council of Prairie Star Meadows

Rest and Integrate

Part 7 – Honoring Water

Grandmother Message

Honoring Water

Honoring Water Devas & Elementals

Nature Attunement — Water Elementals Nearby

Intuitive Exercise — Honoring Inner Waters

Land Ritual ~ Discovering Your Source Waters

Land Ritual — How to Honor Water

Land Ritual — Water Wheel Crystalline Altar for Water

Story — Colorado River Dragon

Story — Water Deva Mirila

Rest and Integration

Part 8 – Altars, Land Honoring Ceremony and Conclusion

Grandmother Message

Land Altars

Magical Gardens

Story — Magical Unicorn Garden

Land Honoring Ceremony — Checklist

Invocation for Land

Land Ritual — Land Honoring Ceremony


Journaling —Review Original Intentions for Course

Rest and Integrate

Certificate of Completion


Camilla has created an empowering course of remembering, connection and healing. She invites us to know we are not separate from the Earth and all Creation. Beautiful!” —Kim, Oregon

“Deeply impactful. The information is wonderful and encouraging. This is so gentle yet amazingly powerful. Thank you!” —Sandy, Texas

“Part 1 is eloquent, clear and concise. All flows gracefully and the build truly engages. Your note on honoring tribal lineages is wonderful acknowledgement of not only cultural appropriation, but of appropriation mongers.” —Claire, Missouri

“Thank you so much for a beautiful land honoring course, Camilla:-) It was so nice waking up on my birthday the 14th of May and there was the last module with a beautiful Ceremony for the land. Your course is so filled with love, magic, knowledge, and wisdom. And so much material! It finds it way deep into my heart and my soul. So much love and healing. Thank you so much for doing this beautiful work. I feel so blessed that I found you and your course and now have even more magic and “tools” to offer the Earth and my clients. Feel so inspired, grounded and lifted at the same time<3” —Lene, Norway

I loved Camilla’s Earth School. I stepped out of it feeling a deeper, more all-encompassing relationship with the earth. It had an aspect of simplicity while being very in-depth at the same time. Even the topics I was already familiar with, gave me a wider perspective of clarity and insight. I’m very grateful to have received her teachings and to integrate them into my life. Regardless of whether you are brand new to these concepts, or are already steeped with them, this school weaves all the pieces together rooting you more deeply into a living relationship with the earth.” —Abby, Oregon

“I am loving this course and so grateful I received it. I LOVED hearing your story in the first installment. It has inspired me in soooo many ways. Powerful. These practices are beautiful and I can feel them already.” —Nichole, Oregon 

Fairy Testimonial From A Representative of the Fairies

“If you would like to work for the fairies, Camilla is your guide!

I have been with Camilla for some time and I just want to say that Camilla is a monumental legend in the fairy realm. She has been working with us for decades and has brought so much love and peace to us and to the earth in her work it is OUTSTANDING!!!! 

Camilla is a rock star in the fairy realm. I love Camilla, She is the best. You’ll love her too. She has helped us so much. Whenever you take this course or connect with Camilla, know that you are learning to heal and help us too.

This course has been a gift to the nature realms. Enjoy it! And as you take it, remember, you are SEEN by the FAIRIES!

I also want to tell you that this course is extremely FUN!!!! SO IF YOU WANT TO HAVE FUN, Why don’t you push a button to sign up.” 

—Channeled by Elyssa Jakim, Fairy Ambassador. 

Grandmother Wisdom Teachings. Land Honoring Practices. Nature Spirit Connection.

Earth School Self-Study – Sacred Earth Connection 

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