Wooing the Crystalline Deva of Mirila Creek

IMG_5617Katie and I began wooing the Water Deva of Dry Creek in Mosier where we live. When I first moved to the land last May, the creek bed was dry for several months, but we would sing to her stones, give her offerings of flowers and crystals, speak sweet words of love and appreciation, and ask her what she needed. And, we listened as much as we could.

Her spirit seemed veiled or muffled like she was covered in gauze. Neglect seemed to dilute her radiance. I have seen this quite often in Devas of Water. They become bogged down with the mishmash of energies circulating in the area and lose their shining, radiant qualities. In some cases, it seemed like they struggle to fulfill their duties because of human disruptions. Especially without any supportive appreciation and honoring of their purpose, Devas may fade.

Devas are overseer and pattern keeper of nature. They organize all the nature spirits and elementals and activity into a harmonious cohesive energy for a place, waterway, or area. Powerful beings of light—nature’s angels—Devas are wonderful to communicate with in the language of nature, our feelings.

Katie received the name of the Deva: Mirila, Deva of Mirila Creek (she doesn’t like the name Dry Creek). Knowing what to call a water deva is a gift.

Sometimes we felt called to place certain items by Mirila’s bank or add some water from another water source or a crystal or flower. She was fed by our attention and intentions and seemed to gradually build strength through our relating with her. She asked us to come often and do rituals, ceremony, and sing songs. We felt rushes of energy return to us after every offering we gave. This was her communication of gratitude.

During the summer, Katie and I offered a Rain & Water Wheel Ceremony. Deva Mirila asked to take part. We held the ceremony on land a ways uphill from Mirila Creek, but she wanted to connect with each person present. To achieve this, I was guided to find a special rock in her creek bed and bring it to the circle. I told everyone present about Mirila and our relationship with her. The rock represented our land’s waters. Mirila wanted each one of us to hold her and ask for healing from her. By honoring her waters, she offered us elemental water healing back! We appreciated the beauty of the creek through the rock. The rock sat in a place of honor during the whole ceremony soaking up the magic and prayers.

Afterwards, I placed the rock back in Mirila’s bed. A few days later I was driving by Mirila Creek and noticed a strong electrical energy movement or buzzing emitting from the creek. What was that? I tuned in and realized there was an intense excitement coming off all the stones. The rock we used in ceremony was sharing its experience of being at the ceremony with all the other stones!!! I was overwhelmed with gratitude and reminded of the way our simple actions can impact so many… even if they are stones.

My love for Mirila deepened. The creek was mirroring such sweet innocence to me—helping me experience my own sweet innocence and beauty even in the dry season. When I felt sad or bad or needed support I went to her and she opened the flow of my emotions and gave my heart a boost of unconditional love and healing transmissions.

With the rains, she started to flow! Her waters sent sweet music into the forest like she was dancing and singing down the river rocks to feed into Mosier Creek, the Columbia River and then out to the sea. Her colors were deep slate blue-gray and cloudy like an opal.

Knowing her name gave us words to chant, sing, and speak that would be soothing and energizing for her and the water elementals. Singing the word Mirila to the creek offered her a sweet incantation of joy. My chant for her goes like this:

“Mir-il-a is dancing, dancing, singing, singing, Mir-il-a is dancing, dancing, singing, singing” in a scale of notes that falls like water flowing down rocks.

Deva Mirila told me to create a path to her side. Our current path was high on a bank and we couldn’t reach her waters in the high water seasons. My friend Steve helped me find a perfect gentle pathway to walk down through the horsetail, alders, mossy trees, and berry vines to be at her shore. I cleared this path and something opened. It was big energy. You could feel the energy ripple all the way up to our homes on the hill.

I placed a special crystal in her waters. I found a Golden Lemurian Crystal, or I should say it found me, that sparkled with rainbow play of light and a portal of magic. Mirila awakened into greater love! It felt like her frequencies came into alignment with the resonance of the Lemurian Crystal and she remembered who she is. And it triggered a response in me too—I remembered who I am.

Mirila’s energy expanded wide. The energy of connection between her and myself opened wide. It felt like she emerged from her gauzy chrysalis and her energy expanded and became free. I felt my own energy body open wide. It felt like we became One in a field of radiance—awakened.

It is hard to describe these spiritual energetic realms of a water deva because they communicate in feelings. Since I am an emotional empath, I can relate to her in a deep way through my emotional body. To me, it felt like her energy body “woke up” and she remembered she was an expansive, radiant, crystalline light being that has beautiful, magical, glorious work overseeing the creek.

And, I felt the mirror in my own self. I am a glorious, radiant, expansive woman being honored as an overseer of the spirit of Nature. I can help Devas and beings re-awaken to the higher frequencies returning to the planet. I felt ecstatic. What I most wanted was that the purpose of this land at Prairie Star emerge and meet with our own life purposes as care-takers.

Mirila’s gifts as an elemental healer was re-born. She told me to practice 100% belief that she and Mother Earth could help me heal my body—they are the healers and can activate our own inner-healer or inner-shaman. Nature responded to our generosity by giving back healing and gratitude.

A tree growing along Mirila Creek has a womb-shaped space with a hole in it and rested partially submerged in the rushing waters. I call it the womb tree. When I first made offerings, I found a pearl remaining in my palm. I tossed the pearl across the creek into the womb—or so I hoped! The pearl landed gently within the space as if to bless the womb of Mirila Creek.

These experiences helped awaken the purpose of the waters and unite the area of Mirila Creek with the rest of Prairie Star Meadows across the street and up on the hills above her. Our water and rain honoring ceremonies gave the waters and lands spirit food and nourishment. By trusting all the delightful guidance we received, we were able to co-create magical experiences for everyone.

In March, we did a small ceremony to create a medicine wheel by her side on World Water Day. The energy of millions of people honoring water seemed to trigger a lot of tears and emotions, but we felt divinely held in the arms of Mirila basking at the creek. We laid a lily, Mangano Calcite, shells, and water totem offerings in the circle and sang songs, shared watery emotions, and rested in the magical sweet music of Mirila Creek.

Camilla Blossom Bishop

Camilla Blossom Bishop

Hi, I am Camilla. I am a medicine woman, land alchemist, flower essence alchemist, spiritual way shower, mentor, and messenger for the wisdom of the Grandmothers, Divine Mother, and sacred feminine creative source energy of Mother Earth. I open and catalyze relationships with sacred spirits of Gaia including nature's Elementals, Fairy, Sidhe, Dragons, Mermaids, Gnomes, Ancestors, lands and waters. I offer online Land Alchemy course, Flower Essence Magic course, mentorship, and a Patreon Portal to empower your energetic and spiritual connection, care, and honoring of Mother Earth.

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