Oxbow Springs Deva SPEAKS

ShalayaOxbow Springs is a SACRED HEALING SPRING

The Deva of Oxbow Healing Springs has asked me to be a voice for the spirit of the healing source waters of the Columbia River Gorge at Oxbow Springs (Cascade Locks is 40 minutes EAST of Portland, Oregon). I take this role humbly and with great honoring of her beauty, medicine, and purpose.

This spring is a VERY, VERY POWERFUL AND SACRED HEALING SPRING. I  believe this place is a place of miracles, a place of spiritual and physical healing, a place of renewal, re-brith, and sanctuary… not to mention its immense importance for the Salmon. Source waters represent the womb waters of Mother Earth. This place is a place of source energy that must be recognized and honored as a significant place for heart healing for the whole region after the loss of Celilo Falls as the heart of the Gorge.

FullSizeRenderI spent five hours with her yesterday and continue to feel the subtle and pure power of her healing medicine, love, and wisdom.

Here is my background… for two years, I traveled around the West, Southwest, and Pacific Northwest with a Native American ceremonial leader to waterways and source waters and led water wheel ceremony and teachings on how to care for our living waters. I visited many sacred waters and source waters. I have met and worked with source water devas, river serpents, mermaids, nature elementals, elves, and fairies. For over 20 years, I have worked with Plant, Water, and Nature Spirit Medicine for people and the earth.

The Deva has come to me because I have a pure heart and my purpose is to connect with the spirits of nature. Her power extends beyond place. I can communicate with her anywhere, anytime. She told me that she has a lot to say. I immediately began writing her words down and realized that she was asking me to be in long-term relationships with her. She is asking for an eternal relationship. I said, “YES!” She told me to call her Shalaya.

In this place, I will offer the Deva’s messages and a list of dates that I will be visiting her if you wish to join me. You can sign up to receive my BLOG if you want to be notified through email.

with Joy,

Camilla BB, September 20, 2015

Be mindful that all messages travel through my human filter so please receive what feels to be Truth for you and leave the rest. Or visit her yourself and listen.

Deva of Oxbow Healing Springs SPEAKS


“We ask humans to consider their affects on future generations to come.

Making eternal decisions makes life eternal on earth.

Choose what will last through time as what is lasting is true and best.”

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Camilla Blossom Bishop

Camilla Blossom Bishop

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