Fire Activation with Pele and Dragons

Mother Earth is releasing huge volumes of pent up Creation energy through her eruptions of fiery lava, steam, gases on the Big Island. What a spectacular display of core creation energy we get to witness! I also hold great compassion for those affected by this event. There is loss and hardship for many souls.

This is a POTENT activation folks!

There is immense power in the emergence of core, elemental creation energy from deep, deep inside the center of the earth. Lava fountains are foundational for accelerating the movement of Spirit within our body and soul—Fire is Spirit. Let’s ignite our spirit and access the power of creation.

Take advantage of this moment. It is precious. We are all feeling it. Allow these spiritual blessings of energy from Pele and the Dragons to infuse you with clearings and spiritual rebirth.

• Light a candle for Pele and her Dragons.
• Give Pele & Dragons love and gratitude.
• Honor the path of destruction needed to release and clear old energy and form new lands.
• When you see videos, watch for dragons in the lava flows and in lava rock formations.
• Connect with your inner dragon, inner Pele, and spirit fire and embrace your power to create.
• Sit with the energy of Fire in your body. Where does Fire live within you? Are you comfortable or uncomfortable sitting in your Fire?

~ ~ ~

One of my roles in awakening with the New Earth is to assist in the clearing of old energies imprinted on land. That is why I offer land clearings. My soul likes to show up where I am needed most to assist with the land clearing that Mother Earth initiates. I’ve been near train derailment explosions, wildfires, hurricanes, and now volcanoes and earthquakes.

Pélé and the dragons called me to the Big Island of Hawaii. I had a vision that beckoned me. I was staying in Puna down the road from the erupting lava flow and feeling the jolt of big earthquakes. After two weeks, I moved to the other side of the island. As the shockingly bright orange lava flowed over a cliff into the sea, I remembered standing there weeks before.

I am honored and blessed to be present for this amazing time on the Big Island.

In Gratitude to TuTu Pele

Free Call for FireKeepers: Pele & Fire Dragons

Wednesday May 30


I will be leading a free conference call to honor and attune spiritually and energetically to the Big Island volcano, Tutu Pele, and Dragons. This is an immense clearing and rebirthing process for the earth and everyone on her. Let us circle together in multidimensional community to assist. We will make connection and ask how we can energetically support the volcanic eruption process for Mother Earth and those affected as we open to receive any messages and guidance.

Call 712-770-8097 ID: 884781

Time zones: Hawaii 11 am; Pacific US 2 pm; Eastern US 5 pm
the call will be recorded and posted on my blog at

Camilla Blossom Bishop

Camilla Blossom Bishop

Hi, I am Camilla. I am a medicine woman, land alchemist, flower essence alchemist, spiritual way shower, mentor, and messenger for the wisdom of the Grandmothers, Divine Mother, and sacred feminine creative source energy of Mother Earth. I open and catalyze relationships with sacred spirits of Gaia including nature's Elementals, Fairy, Sidhe, Dragons, Mermaids, Gnomes, Ancestors, lands and waters. I offer online Land Alchemy course, Flower Essence Magic course, mentorship, and a Patreon Portal to empower your energetic and spiritual connection, care, and honoring of Mother Earth.

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