Free New Earth Day Event


April 22


04:00 pm - 05:00 pm

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Camilla Blossom, Soul Midwife/Land Alchemist

Visionary Guided Meditative Journey to offer loving presence, gridwork, and lightwork in co-creation with the spirits of Gaia.

Join community for a spiritually-guided meditative journey with Gaia Mother Earth and her sacred spirits—elementals, fairiy realms, trees, flowers, and plants, animals, mountains, waters, lands, ancestors, and guardians of the ascension.

We are entering new paradigms very quickly.

Gaia and her sacred spirits wish to support you on your awakening as well as co-create and receive your sacred lineage offerings.

Peace. Peace. Peace.

NOTE: You will receive the Zoom Link info 15 MINUTES before the call. (3:45 PM pacific)

If you sign up after that, look here at this Eventbrite info for link info.

An event replay video will be emailed to all those who registered.