Grandmother Lodge


March 21


05:00 pm - 07:00 pm

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Camilla Blossom, Soul Midwife/Land Alchemist

Equinox Crossroads Journey with Spirit Council of Grandmother and Timeless Grandmother

Spring Equinox 2023 is a Crossroads… a powerful time to journeying with the Ancient Wise Elders of Creation and exploring Timelessness and future self.

Are you choosing new ways of light and choosing to remember sacred ways of the Ancestors?

BEFORE CREATION, Religion, Traditions, Customs

In the space between, before, and beyond what we are know, were told, or what we can ever imagine…

was our pure, innocent, breathtakingly beautiful Origins.

The Grandmothers are Keepers of the Sacred Knowledge.

Grandmothers want to share their medicine, healing, knowledge, and magic with you in Unity, Hope, and Faith.

In their Lodge, you will access their energy, spirit, magic to remember who you are as a soul, find comfort and healing, and awaken to your ancestral intuitive powers.

We may work with Medicine including: Plant Spirit healing and communication, songs, art, dance, elementals, Faery… I will be making a Grandmother Essence during the Lodge using flower essences, channeled energies, etc. (See Add-on to order a bottle.)

You are Invited to Grandmother Lodge with the Spirit Council of 13 Grandmothers led by the Timeless Grandmother, Montu.

Grandmother Lodge is Guided by Camilla Blossom through Spirit Council of 13 Grandmothers

Online Zoom: Live + Recorded. You do not need to attend live to join the lodge.

Live: March 21, 5 -7 pm PDT AND March 31, 5-7 PM PDT.

Part 1 + Part 2 are one fee.

Experience Timelessness with the Grandmothers…

    • Visit realms beyond Time
    • Journey with Montu, Timeless Grandmother
    • Timeline jumping
    • Explore depths of your personal power with future self
    • Support for Stargate/Earthgate openings of late March 2023

Grandmother Lodge Testimonial

“[In the Lodge, we are learning the ways of the…] original shamans of tribe who could travel multidimensional, talk to animals and plants. They hold the whole kaleidoscope of our spiritual gifts.”

—AD, South Dakota

We meet twice for Grandmother Lodge—

Part 1 is to initiate connection and open to Grandmothers and our inner wisdom through a journey and teachings.

Part 2 we learn to embody the wisdom and knowing and share our experiences, creativity, and self-expression. We do a guided journey and open to inner wisdom. We have had some lovely arts, crafts, and creativity pour through from connecting with the Grandmothers.

We have had lovely circles of mostly women in the lodge. It is a safe and comforting space to ground and connect with others.

Grandmother Lodges are open to all people – all denominations, genders, orientations, ages, races, expressions.


Pay here for Part 1 & Part 2 together. One fee for 2 events. Choose your amount based on your financial situation. If you need further assistance with finances, please contact me regarding work trade or other options for exchange.


Thank you!!! You will receive emails for with live Zoom call link access and video replays.


We will be working with the Grandmothers as shared in the book Visions of Wisdom: Messages from the Spirit Council of the Thirteen Grandmothers, Dolphins & Whales Publishing, by Judith K. Moore & Sean Sands

More Information about Grandmother Lodge from my website:

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Please watch this video if you haven’t been to the Grandmother Lodge.