Equinox Reading: Pungent Desert Parsley

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Pungent Desert Parsley card was drawn in a March 19th 2022 Equinox Reading. See Video: Equinox Oracle Reading + Guided Journey with Fairies, Sidhe, Elementals.

The following is an excerpt from my book: Sacred Spirits of the Gorge: Columbia River Gorge Flower Essences & Essences of Place


Pungent Desert Parsley

Lomatium grayii

Affirmation of the Wildflower: “I awaken to my true self”

Element: Fire, Air

Astral Projection • Aura Repair • Authenticity • Balance • Boundaries • Channeling • Children • Happiness • Hypnotherapy • Illness • Immunity • Intuition • Masculine/Men • Mental Balance • Nervous System • Nourishment • Psychic Development • Relationships • Sensitivity • Sound Healing • Stress • Trust • Will • Chakra 3 (solar plexus), 4 (heart)

Balanced: a state of being that allows a gentle, subtle awareness and emergence of the true Self

The pungent scent of this wildflower wakes the senses and warms the body. Pungent Desert Parsley asks you to open your sensitivity as if you had antenna. Use this form of sensing to discover your world anew. What signals are you picking up?

The yellow Pungent Desert Parsley is called pungent because of its stimulating and unusually strong smell. It blooms in early spring with airy yellow pompom-like umbel flowers that spread over the intricate masses of bright green foliage. It loves rocky high ground.

As a flower essence, Pungent Desert Parsley teaches us how to be—without masks, pretense, or ego hiding our vulnerability. I saw a mask lying on the ground when I made the essence which revealed a need to release the way we hide ourselves. Our authentic self can emerge from deep nourished roots into the open air. Its gentle protective quality mirrors a teaching of how to be with ourselves in this gentle, simple, and open way. In the Native American tradition, the medicine of Deer is similar—learning how to be gentle, sensitive, and open. I had a vision of a deer leaping when I made this essence.

The essence works to repair our subtle relationship with masculinity and/or being a man as well as issues regarding our parent’s preference for a boy at birth. It can strengthen our awareness about our boundaries in space and bring more air or lightness of being into what was heavier, darker, and rooted in non-truth. I have experienced how it can balance our protective auric field by quickly re-aligning the layers so we feel protected, whole, and clear. As a Parsley Family flower, it supports nervous system integration and integration of sensory input. It teaches us how to relax and allow the gentle unfolding of life.

  • Stephanie’s auric field was pulled over to the left side emphasizing her feminine-side. Pungent Desert Parsley worked quickly in re-aligning and re-balancing her energy field. Her aura shifted back to center, and she felt much clearer and more protected. She now had access to her full life-force and firmer sense of an auric boundary.
  • Jill had been using the Pungent Desert Parsley for about 6-8 weeks for ongoing issues with being an energy sensitive person for years. She had been at a loss for how to maintain her own balance at times, psychically and emotionally. “The flower essence has been very helpful to me and most recently I have received more insight/guidance in how to actually transmute energies that I feel on the physical level. It is easier to find balance emotionally. It is such a relief.”

Meet Pungent Desert Parsley at Catherine Creek in April.

Camilla Blossom Bishop

Camilla Blossom Bishop

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