Winter Solstice Oracle Card Reading – Sacred Spirit Deck

Video: Winter Solstice Oracle Reading – Sacred Spirit Cards 3:30 minutes

Here is an oracle card to help you align with the energies of the Winter Solstice 2019 and through the winter into Spring Equinox 2020. Call in the Spirit of Phantom Orchid to clear illusion and claim Truth. Orchids are ascension activators.

Phantom Orchid

Affirmation of the Wildflower: “I remove all blocks, interference, and resistance.”

Phantom Orchid speaks:

“Holding Truth requires purification

Clear the clutter

Get everything out of the way

It’s time for Truth 

Shifting into Truth is ascension 

No illusion will last for long

There is a calm that holds firm when you are there—in Truth 

Great clouds of substance

Separating fact from fiction can be fun

Who’s the phantom now?”

Camilla Blossom Bishop

Camilla Blossom Bishop

I love to engage in relationship with the unseen realms of nature and founded Earth School to teach others how to awaken their intuitive nature and co-create with land and nature spirits.

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