How to Make a Flower Essence

When a flower grows in an unexpected place, I take notice!

This is a common way for the plant realms to speak to us. They come visit by growing nearby so we notice them… and awaken to the gifts they offer as healers, teachers, guides, and allies. The plants are medicine for all aspects of ourselves.

Who is growing near you? Is there a plant that recently bloomed or volunteered in force this season? Instead of getting irritated, pay attention. Try making a flower essence, take it, and see what happens within your being!

Here are is a 3-part video on how to make a flower from an unexpected healer that showed up in my planter: Motherwort.

Video Part 1 3:44 minutes Video Part 2 8:30 minutes Video Part 3 11:38 minutes


More information about the flower essence Motherwort.

Camilla Blossom Bishop

Camilla Blossom Bishop

I love to engage in relationship with the unseen realms of nature and founded Earth School to teach others how to awaken their intuitive nature and co-create with land and nature spirits.

Ready to feel more connected to Nature?

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