Dolphins Pattern New Fun


I was camping on the beach the first week I arrived on the Big Island of Hawaii. Three days in, spinner dolphins swam and played off shore. YAY! I swam out twice that day and watched them underwater and as they came up for air. At one point I squealed with delight as a dolphin spun to my right, then another one spun in front of me, and then another to my left. Ahhh! Three playful dolphins. A woman paddling on her board shouted over: “They Love you!” I responded: “I Love them Too!”

What a welcome!

The dolphins are great balancers for us of our more serious nature and responsibilities (whale energy) so we can enjoy life, have more fun, and play more often. Do you remember my blog about the Mermaid Pleasure Hour? They mermaids asked me to spend at least one hour a day doing something pleasurable as I can tend to be too serious. Hawaii brings out my playful side and the dolphins help immensely.

Even if you are not in Hawaii or near dolphins you can call if their energy, joy, and fun.

Here is a message from the dolphins to ease your way into new patterns of fun… just in time for the magical gateway of Leo eclipse (Wed Jan 31st 2018).





Dolphins Pattern New Ways of Fun

“We want you to let go and listen to the sounds of the sea

open your ears and hear us

hear us in your imagination

hear us in your dreams

hear us in the ocean

hear our sounds of life

they are dreams of a new dawn, a new day, a new interchange with nature


When you can listen well

you will find the Truth

you will hear it

as it pulsates all around you, and in you, and above you, and below you.


Nature pulsates a heartbeat of love

bubbles of joy, and squeeks of delight.


Join the conversation by listening to us

and responding with your joy.”

—spirit of dolphins


Read this message outloud and let the energy of the dolphins reach deep into your heart. They will swim within you and offer their love, magic, and joy!


For those who wish to join me on a magical retreat —Flowering with Land & Sea — on the Big Island of Hawaii and connect with the dolphins and whales and spirit of nature, click here.

Camilla Blossom Bishop

Camilla Blossom Bishop

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